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  1. Hi everyone, I just bought a ground floor unit in Punggol with a really long PES. I really like PES units and have always wanted to stay in one, so that I can extend my living room area to the "outdoors" and have more living space. Do you all do decking and fully enclose the balcony to maximise the PES space? Below is the unit and type of balcony. Can anyone advise what you did with your PES area? Pictures would be great too.
  2. Hi, Yeah.. AC Ryan is plug and play. Super easy. Just plug the hdmi cable provided in the box to the TV and tadah.. Instant usage. Haha. Just plug into the ACryan ur USB or hard disk and play from there. It detects ur drive or hardisk.
  3. Hi, Would recommend the AC Ryan, as I've been using AC Ryan for the last 3 years for watching US TV Drama series in 1080 format. My AC Ryan box is older than the one in your picture, but it still plays all formats of the new dramas I have now too. Hope it helps.
  4. Hi, Beautiful home.. I'm interested in the noodle bowl with cover and the mop. Mind sharing the links? Much appreciate and happy moving in soon.
  5. Hi, Can I check how much is your ID charging you for the "sticking" labour of the craft bricks onto the wall? Thank you
  6. Hi xhonesweethonex, Great savings on the brick walls! Mind sharing the link for that? Thanks.
  7. Nice to know we have another renotalker who likes the cottage style like me.
  8. Hi neighbour from across.. Haha. I'm staying at Water Terraces 2 and also bought a 5rm flat. Very nicely done up house you have and I nust say that the reno went very well. Thumbs up to ur ID. Looking forward to seeing your completed photos. Cheers!
  9. Looking forward to ur pictures. Have a good reno!
  10. Wow... Truly an honour . Managed to get a photoshoot with the stars for memories? Hehe..
  11. Hi Countryglow, ^5.. Haha. I see.. wow really not cheap to do the wainscotting. But having some is better than having none.. I bet it'll still look great and bring a totally good feel in your living room.
  12. Wow, so exciting to see someone do a country style theme like me too. Love your idea of having the Wainscotting. Mind sharing how much your IDb is charging you for it per sqft? Looking forward to seeing your renovation T-blog. Cheers!
  13. Hi Shaowei14, I see.. $100+ each. Are they actual wooden beams or false ceiling beams? MY ID quoted me like $2,000+ for like 6-7 short wooden beams.. Oh! No wonder it's $1,400. Yah I was tossing the idea to do full glass sliding doors cause it'll allow more light into the kitchen and very beautiful too.. But cause most of my budget went into the feature wall so only doing half wood and half glass..