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  1. Nope, no need HDB approval. Installation got no hacking, only the cementing works. So if you wanna do bathtub you will need extra toilet tiles so it can cover the cementing works surrounding the bathtub. I got extra free toilet tiles from the excess that my neighbors has and gave them away. If u wanna save cost can ask around the neighbors too. Most estate got their own FB pages, can try asking there cos that's how I did it.
  2. SO far its been many months now and the car[entry works is holding up very good. U can reach Nick at 96907887.
  3. And whether I replace the sink or not it's my business, nothing to do with you. If you ain't happy with what u see u can don't follow.
  4. Appreciate the honesty but that's truly very rude to talk that way. There's a fine line btwn blunt and coming across as rude. FYI, all designs looks nice when there is NO cutlery, CROCKERIES or utensils. If you don't like it that's not my problem.
  5. Mine's good so far cos the shower screen prevents water from getting into contact with the cabinet. May I suggest if you don't plan to get a shower screen, use a shower curtain instead? On taobao there is those with curved curtain rod (something like this: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.0.0.LVUEU1&id=20662683395&ns=1&abbucket=10#detail ) .Its good for corner shower and water won't touch the pvc cabinet. No matter how, in the long run, water isn't good for any surfaces.
  6. I need to dig for the email which has his quotation. Hope I can find it cos its been 6 mths ago.
  7. Btw, I have PM-ed those who asked for Nick's contact in this post. If I haven't it means I have accidentally left you out. Please drop me a ring in here again.
  8. Sorry for the slow updates cos I've been busy packing and moving. So we finally moved and these are some latest pictures. Its been about 3 weeks since I stayed in my new place and everything still good and in place. Indeed, the sub-contractors that Nick engages are truly good! My sakura flowers finally came in the mail after 3 weeks of shipping from Taobao and it completes the landscaping for hubby's katana display. So did the Ikea's Komplement woven storage basket. Just found out that Ikea has stopped selling this range and replaced it with the charcoal grey ones which somehow doesn't look as nice. So I got this off Taobao, not only at a steal, but able to choose the sizes too. This completes the spa-resort feel of the mbr toilet.
  9. Taobao is actually pretty easy. Can really save alot wor. And like you, we got alot of our fittings from Hoe Kee too, including the Blanco Silgranit sink which my hubby fell in love with it at first sight.All the best for your reno! Ours are like 95% completed. Only pending is the T5 LED lighting which I haven't got yet plus awaiting my next taobao shipment for another light fixture.
  10. Hello mama01, you can reach Nick at his mobile on 96907887 . I used his hp number to google n found good reviews on him. Lucky us sial! Cos I only did the Google check AFTER we got him.
  11. Hello, if you mean the common toilet's sink basin, it comes with the bottom cabinet, mirror and side cabinets all bundled into one from taobao.Very cheap. Only $150 for cost of item plus domestic shipping. I don't know how much is international freight cost as I bundled this with my other stuff from tb and ship them all at one over to Sg. The mbr toilet's sink basin was bought at a shop in Blk 122 Bedok North Rd. This lobang is from Nick. We trust Nick's taste so much that whenever prior to getting any fittings we would take a pic n share it in our whatsapp chat group and he will let us know if it's good design or don't fit nicely with the interior design concept. And because we got all this by ourselves, no worries about the usual case of IDs jacking up price cos Nick doesn't even earn from all this. This value added service by him is one of the most valued quality we like about Nick. He's almost very prompt in his replies unless he's eating crabs for dinner, even jokes with us. Funny person lah he.
  12. The canisters actually not glass, but acrylic though. Cost a bomb. Paid close to a hundred for it cos was purchased in the States.