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  1. Many are doing pre-cleansing to remove any remaining or lingering negative energy or bad luck from the house first. The known effective way is to use premium white sage from sacredsagesg. The open door ritual then can bring in the good luck.
  2. Before the actual day of doing the ritual perform a full white sage cleansing to purify the space. This is to remove any remaining bad Qi or energy from the previous owner, developer or during the Reno. Must use premium white sage. I got from sacredsagesg. Don't miss this coz you will never know what has really happened previously
  3. Tong Shu can buy from popular. Actually if you are doing urself a few things to take note. Every year diff sectors in the house will have good star and bad star. During Reno you sure will disturb all stars unless you are doing only a room. In most cases the bad star will be touch so finding a good date is only part of the item. After Reno before moving in you need to remove all bad Qi or negative energy that come with the reno or all bad Qi from previous owner. The only effective way is white sage. I think only sacredsagesg has the premium white sage
  4. This is my second time and now I am going to try something different that my close friend shared. On the entrance door before pouring the concrete I am going to put a singapore 1 dollar coin , 1997 dated. Then I am going to cleanse the entire place with white sage from sacredsagesg to remove any Qi or energy left from the previous owner. Anyone has any experience to share?
  5. i tried a few places and the one from sacredsagesg.blogspot.com. Personally found that sacredsagesg is more effective, not sure if it is because their stock is always new. but i know they have a lot of customers expecially people who are getting married or renovation their house. have recommended a few friends to them too, if you have rich friends who engage the services of healers for ex ex ex $$ you know that is white sage.