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  1. Hi sushibabe, We changed it to 20amp instead in order for the hob to be functional. We can actually do with 15amp, but it would mean being able to turn on 2 hotspots out of the 4, so no point lor
  2. Huh? Myi go MIA liao.....??
  3. Yup, covered up the whole wall cos our toilet door is made of glass and the sun can shine in in the morning. Another reason is also due to feng shui, not very good for us to be looking at the toilet entrance from where we are sleeping.
  4. Yo angelwrath... Your lovenest turning out to be very mei2 mei3 indeed Still worried about mounting of your rotational tv?
  5. The final "Before & After" look at our lovenest from beginning before renos to the end product
  6. Yo people, im finally back after my wedding and honeymoon! Such a long time right This is gonna be the last set of photos that im sharing with you guys. It has been a pleasant experience chatting with you chaps in here, asking for opinions and gaining advices !! The carpet we bought for our living room Our 3-in-1 wedding photo hanging above the "Feng Shui" ledge in living room Bridal bed with "An1 Chuang2" items placed on it Another view of bridal bed with dresser table Closeup look at wedding portrait and cushions Open up the left hand side of dresser table and a mirror with storage compartments will be revealed Our table top photo, heehee View of master room from toilet
  7. Nah....not much good food ard the area.....maybe can try the hong kiat seafood zi cha shop in front of the old keat hong camp...if not, nothing much liao......sad but true
  8. Hi eternity82, You can check out http://www.poolworld.org for the full details. Lots of other choices for you to choose from as well
  9. Billard table is very big leh... dun think able to fit in into our 3room flat unless hack here & there...haha Aiyah, pool table at home is just for entertainment purposes only mah...if wana play professional, of cos outside billard/pool salon is better lor
  10. Haha...so i supposeone of the somethings u refering to is the lamp? Maybe can check out if the price is still valid, then can put in study/guest room? Hi eternity82, Inclusive of delivery, installation & table top is $800. But its last year's pricings lah...cos i ordered last year but only delivery 2-3 weeks ago
  11. But my mum was shaking her head at us....said we are crazy to have "that thing" in the house...haha
  12. Yuah....last time when sourcing ard for this lamp, used to come across pricings like $468 & above. Then just happened to chance upon a shop having promotion at $288 , so immediately placed deposit & secure it lor! Haha...im a homely person anyway...after a hard day's work, no where beats anyplace but your own home