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  1. Huhu.....more issues. My contractor just installed my 2 slifing door. It seems got miscommunication. Carpenter did not install door frame, just 2 pieces of the sliding door. sigh....
  2. Hi Jus4, I do have my fair share of hiccups and drama. But since my ID was willing to fix them, i guess case closed lah. more pictures... I think I may have chose a wrong color for my platform, it was installed today. Also destoryed some of the newly plastered wall when I asked my AC contractot to move the trunking to flush against my glass panel. huhuhu... Before After
  3. bb6869

    3BR HDB

  4. Thanks makanology & niko. My reno will be done by this coming sat. Can't wait to move in.
  5. wow, surely one of the best decor on T-Blog I reckoned... a very dedicated and hardwork and lots of thoughts put in by the owner of the hse.
  6. my toilet, wanted a SPA look. still waiting for my sliding glass door and fixed panel.
  7. Fast forward to present......... main kitchen cabinets already up. Hood mounted at a wrong height therefore need to move up 7inches. I think the warm white really brings out the texture on the laminate. see the masking tape on the floor (left) need to build a 3 inches wooden platform as the are is not enough to fit my new P&R bar dinning table.
  8. not exactly a straight veiw and you can see the pipe are gone . ( far left corner of the picture).