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  1. awesome table cloth there and ur place is looking great!
  2. drooling over the collection! looking forward to seeing them all put together
  3. hello hope ive replied all request in pm. if i missed out any pls lemme know cheers
  4. PM i did a wiw using the master bedroom, and hacked the common room to place the bed. i dont have a picture of it now, it was done using ikea stolmen pole system.
  5. hey Greg where did u get the hairpin legs from? been looking for them for some DIY nice captain America!
  6. Greg ur place looking great! tv console n sofa goes nicely w your theme. where's the dining table ah?
  7. great job zihui looking forward to pics of the arcade machine. I must admit I was tempted when I first read abt it haha but no space la lol
  8. hey jardine it was a waterproof membrane that they put over I don't know exactly what it is though sorry hey waxie I hand carry that back from phuket haha
  9. PM! hey regent, the chalkboard paint is painted directly on the cement wall, so not complete smooth surface compared to laminated board. i dont have the brand as it was brought in by the painter, but shouldnt matter that much i guess hey harriette thanks! our IDs drop us a sms to inform us as well. hey looneygas, foundation for the top is cement. the bottom is laminates.
  10. ur place is looking great! looking forward to the finish product. saw the question posted by monster beng on the lights being able to fit led bulbs. I did try buy they were too big to fit in so I ended up w energy saving small ones. late reply on this but hope it helps!
  11. hey sappyd other than my bar sto which is from taobao, and the tv console which is from second charm, all my other furniture u see in my living and dining are all from Noden collective. www.nodencollective.com go check them out. my personal fave furniture shop a hidden gem all their stuff are refurbished nothing is new built and they r mostly Danish or local built back in the 60s lemme pm u the cost for the 3 seater cheers
  12. hey hanafi how have u been! haha thanks! the nestum light is still there, just that not shown in the photos cos its right at my entrance once u step in from the gate, so guess the angle they took from cldnt capture it not bad ah u still rem tt light! lol hows ur reno going?
  13. hey janyen, they have play3, play5 and soundbar from what i know. and i udnerstand they just launch play1 recently. i plan to put play3s in the living to compliment the soundbar while watching movies, but will be moving them around the house, esp in the bedrooms to use more.