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  1. Hi, installed FLOOR DEPOT waterproof laminate in my toilet, here some picture to share with you guys. Cheers~ http://imageshack.com/a/img856/1059/qnzkd.jpg
  2. have you heard Floor Depot? they doing waterproof laminate flooring but not vinyl or HERF. any idea?
  3. HERF are made from PVC / Polyvinyl that release toxic or hazardous chemicals harm to our body or health. Yes. i agreed vinyl is more convenience when come to maintenance issue,but i don't want take the risk that materials might dangers to my family. i can pm you the sales person and you can get more information from him.
  4. laminate floor. i need freelance wallpaper installer since i have the wallpaper already, thought of DIY but found is difficult to do it. can PM .Thks.
  5. Have visit Floor Depot at balestier rd, they are doing wood type waterproof laminate floors, different from vinyl i think. maybe you can consider Floor Depot.
  6. Hi, Evorich HERF (High End Resilient Flooring) is actually some sort of vinyl product, as you know vinyl are rubber product is not suitable at residential usage. have you try floor depot laminate product? during exhibition i heard is wood but waterproof laminate flooring. Plan to install in my house but only get key on Feb2014. if you need info i can pm you,
  7. Hey guys, newbie here would like to improve my HDB flat floor and wall. i need installer for laminate floors and wallpaper, any good installer to intro?