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  1. Hi guys i would like to share my rollercoaster journey which was what i went through for my renovation and i am so happy it turned out to be stunning when it was, at the midway, destined to look like a war torn battlefield. i got my keys in july and one month prior to that around mid june, my wife and i started sourcing for ids so we went imm , toh guan, the hot spotrs and decided to sign with a reliable id firm at toh guan (or so that's what we thought!). upon signing i was asked for my ic and had to make a payment of 10%. ok this is where the nightmare begins. the date of commencement stated in the contract was 1st july. mine is a resale flat at jelapang so needed to demolish everything. when i called the id as i took leave on that day, he told me had to postpone as hdb didnt approve for the works. so i asked jack which was our id at this firm why dfidnt jhe notufy us of this delay, i mean my wife and i bothj took leave to prepare for this day. he said hdb informed them very late. so didnt want to make things difficult i told jack its ok but next time inform me pls. when i called up jack to check when was the commencement of my reno was going to be. the hp was off dso i called the office . and i was veery rufdely toldf off by the person at the end of the line. i told myself thats it, im going to case and how do u expect me to trust a unreliable person to do my reno in one piece. almost seems like all talk no reno wqhen they were telling me about my renovation b4 i signed. I was quite lost. i was staying in a rented room whivh will expire in a month and my renovation still not started and at least a week will be wated im sure to have to stay at a friends plc or hotel as i thought it would be impossible to finish by 3 weeks and not forgetting my wife and I both have full time jobs. i informed my mum about this and asked for advice as i was lost and it was turning to be a really bad situation, stress and all. my mum told me her friends all engage this id which have been doing their new houses and she van speak to him and will asks if he could help my situation out. within an hr i got a call from mr lee, he asked for more info and i highlightd to him the end of my tenancy agreement isuue and his exact wds was " ok mr leong, u free now?' "we go choose tiles now". he drtove down to pick my wife and i at our rented plc at chua chu kang and drove to balestier and we picked the tiles which we wanted and he also showed us the photos of some of the tiles combinations and also told us the pros and cons of certain tiles etc. which i den realuse, the previous id DID not even let me choose which tiles i wanted which makes me wonder even if the permit went through, how would theyt know what tiles i wanted? i mean im paying for my reno, i should be able to choose? my gosh.. by the next day mr. lee came up to my house with the quotation and work schedule which his gonna try to get everything done in 3 weeks. while speaking to us his hp kept ringing he had to either silent the phone or pick up and say call u back. this guy is really going all out for us! the best part is we didnt show him our quotation froim the other firm nor did he ask, mr lee quoted us $10k cheaper!! and true enough i got whatsapp messages daily on the progress and i practically saw my house hacked , to tiles laying to plastering .. all on his daily whatsapp update of pics and wds. everything went on so smoothly my wife and i knew that Mr. Lee may not be as flambuoyant as those animated characters at the over advertised firms but i tell u, his planning and management skills are second to none. After the hand over we invited mr Lee over he came for half an hour and u guessed it, he had to oversee an ongoing bsite on a saturday.. but one thing he said really made us feel so happy to know our house was not only renovated by Mr. Lee , it was SAVED by him too. this was his exact words which after that day Mr. Lee was not only our reno guy, he is also our family friend. Thanks Lee. hats of to u! "when i do any house, i put myself in the owner's position and ask myself how would i feel and is it reasonable. that was why i took the job mr danny" - Mr Lee as for the id firm that that was not even doing anything but took my $ , it has sinced closed and the case is still under investigation by cpib . fingers crossed. wish me luck.