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  1. Hi EMinlove, thank you for your kind words. Fan's from Crestar (from Chan Huat, Balestier). Track lights from Philips Lightings. Blinds from Fabulous curtains (also located along Balestier) at about 1.2k (living room + 3 bedrooms). Hope that helps!
  2. Hi AnW, I'm not sure what's the exact material for the top, solid top in general. We used granite for our toilet though. Perhaps you can show K my house photo and he should be able to tell you
  3. Hi mrs merry! We got our coffee table from Galanga, they had a few items that were made of this similar screed material. Cost $399 if I remb correctly but had to pay additional $50 for delivery (or you can pick up on your own but its really heavy and have to fix on your own too). Console's from Helping hands located at Kovan (you can google their address!). They sell all sort of teak furniture made by ex-convicts. We paid abt $700 for it. Very value for money and meaningful purchase !
  4. We went with Design closet as I had 2 friends who used them as well. And yes, we were serviced by Luke but do book your installations with them early as we had to wait 2 weeks for ours after confirmation of the drawings. The installations were done by 2 Bangladesh workers in which 1 of them can speak mandarin lol!
  5. Sorry, what is osph? we got it from design closet along balestier road.
  6. Sharing photos of our 'walk-in' wardrobe. It doesn't look very big but it's the entire parameters of the room already (17ft in total!).
  7. Share the pics when it's up! We were worried initially too but it turned out alright! Hi secretgarden, K (Kevin) is a contractor. You can contact him at 90222321. Won't be sharing the quote since different requirements and materials used will result in a different quote, but we spent approx. 30k with K (excluding our WIW closet).
  8. Oh, really? Initially we were undecided with the light or dark version but the light ones were out of stock and had to wait for a month, hence we went with the dark ones in the end. Thank god they turned out pretty well. Looking fwd to your T-blog Thank you!
  9. Hi Mrswk, where did you purchase the green/turquoise colored shelf? Thanks
  10. No problem, I love the blinds too! It gives a very cosy ambience yet you can still allow for some sun rays to come in! The mosaic grey is really nice, not too dark yet still visibly grey! haha. Glad to be of help anyways! Hi, you can contact my contractor - Kevin at 90222321.
  11. Hi ANDiLaLaLa (you have a really long nick hehe), it's called mosaic grey from Dulux paint (sorry,can't remb the color code). $1200+ is for blinds for the living room + 3 bedrooms. In fact we checked with another vendor and was quoted even higher, hence we decided with Fabulous curtains (higher cost might be also due to the fact that we chose real wood for the blind panels for the living room as laminated wood might warp after long hours in the sun). Hi verre, we spent $1200+ for the pure wood blinds in the living room + roller fabric blinds for the 3 bedrooms.
  12. Hi, we got the tiles at Soon Bee huat. Can't remember the exact quote number though. But there's 2 colors (we took the darker version). Hi, it's from Comfort design (showroom at paya lebar). The table and bench cost abt $900 (was on discount, not sure if they still have that price).
  13. You can contact Tom, 9610 0379 or visit their showroom at Balestier. They will come to your place to do measurements and give you an exact quote. Thank you! Your house was one of our references for reno, we used the same wood tiles for our bedrooms! We might be getting K to customize a mirror for our WIW room but I think we need to be put on waiting list! haha
  14. Thank you! We chose the china made ones, hence they are about $3 psf price range, not expensive! Thank you! We didn't do much for the rooms except for the walk-in closet. They are from Fabulous curtains. I think you can google their contact (their showroom is at Balestier). We did wooden blinds for the living room and fabric blinds for the other 3 rooms, $1200+ inclusive of installations. Fuss free and very quick (got everything settled within 2 weeks!) Thank you! We got the fan from Chan Huat at Balestier, this brand called Crestar, $240.
  15. The living room is now complete with the TV and coffee table! So relieved all the furnishing we cherry picked gel together fairly well. Can barely contain my excitement for the walk-in closet to be installed next Sat! Strangely, we have yet to get our bed frame cos nothing we sort of fancy (YET) so we're gonna take our time on that.
  16. Dark grey tiles to be exact! Got it at comfort design, about $600+
  17. More photos of the house from today! Sofa's in and blinds are up! Walkway with frames of doors painted black and doors white for contrast. The hubby-to-be's work desk.
  18. They inside of the chest has already been spray-painted a cobalt blue! Yea, turquoise spruce up black/white/woods very well. Hi, you can contact Kevin at 90222321. Thank you! Hi, we got it at Chan Huat Lightings along balestier.
  19. Thank you! Thank you! Tiles in the kitchen were purchased through our contractor, K (he calls it the subway tiles but not 3D kind). Sorry can't be much of a help with the name, perhaps you can show Hafary the photo and see if they have this? Thank you! haha my hubby would be glad to know someone loves the trunk as much as him!
  20. A few more photos to share Gas pipe has been painted black and incidentally fit into our theme! Wires for the lights neatly placed! The industrial looking (albeit a little cute) sockets K proposed for the kitchen. They really do stand out quite abit. Our newly added TV console from Helping Hands. A very meaningful purchase, very sturdy (made of teak and VERY heavy) and we love how rustic it looks! Along with the treasure chest my hubby-to-be restored on his own (he got his inspiration from CB2! haha).
  21. Hi, yep mirror's from IKEA and got our contractor to put it up! Wooden tiles from Soon Bee Huat! I recall it to be about $2.80-$3 psf.
  22. It's from crestar. 46-inch if I'm not wrong. It's quite breezy for us but perhaps cos we're not particular (plus we bought it mainly for its design and color!) haha.
  23. Hi, it's mosaic grey from Dulux. Cannot remember the color code though! Hi, you can contact Kevin at 90222321 but he's currently on holidays, will be back by 6 Dec. Hi, you can contact Kevin at 90222321 but he's currently on holidays, will be back by 6 Dec. Hi, won't be sharing the exact quote since materials/requirements differ. Best you contact K to get your quote. But for reference, you can refer to my reply to 'ndloong', I spent approx 30k.
  24. Pop by the house today to receive a few pieces of furniture. Sharing more pics Living room, pleased with our black petite fan. Dining area Study room with freshly painted grey wall!