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  1. Anyone know does it matter if someone touches and move yr fengshui items? Dont know whether am I too sensitive or just coincidence. After the feng shui items have been shifted, our family health have not been good. And career also seem to have obstruction. Can somebody help or give me some good geomancer contact. Pls.
  2. Hi, Have anyone of you encounter yr feng shui item being move or touch by others? Any ideas will it impact or changes anything? Advise needed
  3. Hi, Im new to this forum. Hi Ivy, can forward me the list too. And if anyone have any recent good experience with any fsm. Can let me know. Need it urgently. As recently, our family health and luck dont seem to be good.
  4. Hi, Recently, our career and health dont seem to be good. So desperately looking for "tried and proven" masters. So seeking for assistance urgently. Thanks