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  1. Hi Rata, Already PM u their number. Please check.
  2. Hi Sha_hir, Already PM you their contact. Please check.
  3. Yes. Creative Plumbing did. Have already PM u their number.
  4. Hi I have PM you Creative Plumbing contact.
  5. Hi Michael, I have PM u their number.
  6. Hi i99box, I have PM u their number.
  7. Hi Heynsl, have just PM u. May give them a call as I found their service is good, fast and reasonable price.
  8. Yup the water pressure is strong. Any enquiry abt plumbing, u may call the plumber. I have PM u their number.
  9. Hi Simplyfion, I've PM u their number. Please check in ur inbox. Cheers ^.^
  10. hi twinkly, i have PM u their number.
  11. Hi vivine My water pressure is quite strong so my plumber recomman me to install this way. He do help to check whether the water pressure is suitable to fix.
  12. Lay, I have PM you the number. Please check.
  13. Recently i engage this plumber by the name of Creative Plumbing. They give fast respond and quote reasonable price. I intend to fix a rain shower but everything cost too expensive so he helps me to run pipe and convert my instant heater to rain shower set. Good Job and many thanks to this plumber. Thumb up.