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  1. Hi Jiawen, you are experience the same thing as me too and i believe it applies to all my first few days of cleaning is no matter how many times you vacuum or mop, it will always be dusty. Vacuum and mopping will settled all, you don need to go through that complicated process ^^ EDIT: Don't sweep, you just make the dust go somewhere else in your house
  2. Singtel will never be on my list for anything. I will choose Viewquest or starhub. Viewquest is you will be fully supported by them and good customer services, but a bit expensive, no personal experience with them. Starhub, my parents house has been with them for more than 10 years, quick in getting line up if it is down. And i have forgotten paying the bill a few times and there is twice whereby the line got cut off but resume almost straight away after you call them about it. Overall quite good experience with them. They seem to limit when you are torrenting. I regret a bit for MR because their customer service is almost non-existence, you can be put on hold for more than 45 minutes and still no one picking up your calls -_- basically you will be like getting in touch with them on the first time installation and that's it. Some china website always got problem and they are slow in getting it done. The only positive side is cheap with 1gbps, and if you download a lot.
  3. So far so good, now always lazing around during weekend than going out..lol I am looking forward to the stuff you are buying..hehe ^^
  4. wow..2k plus!! haha, glad that you are almost ready to move in ^^ i can't shop efficiently on taobao website, always can't find what i really want, so only can buy from SG which i believe is a lot more expensive.
  5. My reno is rather a simple one, i only do tv console feature wall, round l-box/false ceiling, kitchen cabinet, master bedroom wardrode,curtain and some misc stuff ^^ not much to detail down the stuff but have taken some photos. I am very tempting to get a digital lock even before i got my flat but my wife don want/like, but recently we chance upon a neighbour doing reno near her house, and we decided to kpo a bit and by chance that owner is using a digital lock and the neighbour demo for us to see, i think there is a card and passcode, and if i never look properly at the digital lock, i could hardly see where to press ^^ and that is when she say "if you want then go buy loh" Haha Nope, i am at blk B ^^
  6. My one also at somerset branch...haha Sure, looking forward to your picture ^^ my contractor don know that we will need to lay new pipe to both bathroom and we also don know about it..headache..haha. Today my contractor going to do up all the carpentery work, i think should be finished by this saturaday, hehe, later my wife and i are going up to have a look, so excited. haha By the way, you are using digital lock? How are they going to install on the door?
  7. Yeah! ^^ Did we get the same salesperson or city gas is pushing all using macro fe10. The salesperson that attended to me, also recommend the macro fe10 and gave the same reason as low complain rate, so in the end we also go for macro fe10. I saw your picture, you fixed your macro fe10 near the toliet, but where or how are you going to get the cold water in and hot water out? And how does it link up the hot water to both of the toliet? Actually i am a bit confuse about how they go about delivery the hot water to the whole house.
  8. Hi ^^ I got a contractor but sometime my wife and i do some stuff ourselves too. Do you use city gas water heater?
  9. Hi all, anyone got any idea how does the water piping run from the water heater? I understand that new BTO come with consealed hot/cold water piping, but how do we use it? i am confuse with these. Hope someone can help me on this. Thanks!!
  10. Hi Jiawen ^^ i think i roughly know which unit is yours judging from the picure you posted here ^^ I am the one asking about the lighting few pages back I just got all my lights and bath rooms accessories installed, i used 6 downlight in my living room and led strip for my cove light, and for mine, 6 is really bright enough, lucky i did not go for 8, and saved some $$$ from it ^^ and also install a cute mini crystal light for my entrance, whereby there is like a reflection on the ceiling I see your one is nicely done up and got a really good and reponsible ID where you can rest your mind and let him do his jobs ^^ too bad for me that i am not engaging any ID, if not i will engage your ID. ^^ By the way, do you happen to use remote control to control your downlight or any lights?
  11. Hi, can i know how much did u bought the key ring holder? And what material is it make of? Thanks! ^^
  12. Glad you finally got your keys ^^ Can i ask you, what downlight and cove light(if any) are you using? I saw you have 8 downlight in your living room near the sofa area, what will be the watts and will it be bright enough? I remember last time while i am hunting for ID and contractor, they recommend 12 downlight for the whole of living room, that time i was thinking i only need 7(6 at the sofa area and just 1 near the entrance).
  13. Hi, can share what did you do for the renovation and the quote? Thanks!
  14. Ok. thanks anyone know how much roughly will it take to make in the living room?