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  1. Here it is: https://www.facebook.com/lightsandbathroom
  2. Lol, my house is so "warmed" up, its like a sauna now... But i will upload more photos when ready, stay tuned
  3. Of course, go ahead, happiness is supposed to be shared.
  4. Here you go: http://www.orangeliving.sg/dining-room/410-montana-b1229.html# I got it at an offer price $169...
  5. A close up of the Sofa and Dining Table Sofa and Coffee Table TV Console with "Bluray player" Dining Table and Chairs
  6. Its ongoing... and seriously simple. MasterBed Room Common Room Living Room Kitchen
  7. Trying out a photo app. Before and After (Living room) (Masterbed)
  8. Oops, you meant the floor plan... I may change it accordingly in the future if there is a real need for it. But currently, i kept it simple. Hopefully, i can find some good furnishes to complete the look.
  9. Yup, intentionally no skirting, lol.
  10. Not green actually, they are reflections from the glass door... The walls are mostly white though, thus the illusion.
  11. Final check and furnishes next...
  12. A little update. Day 25 (Washing), 26 (Painting) (Living Room) (Kitchen) (Common Room) (Masterbed Room) (Masterbed Toilet)
  13. Check out my signature or profile. Total reno, accessories, aircon and wiring around 27k.
  14. Sure... https://www.facebook.com/lightsandbathroom
  15. (Common Room) Painting next week.
  16. A little update for this week... Day 20, 21 (carpentry) and 22 (lighting) (Living Room) (Kitchen) (Master Bedroom)
  17. I have placed it outside the bathroom with a false wall to hide it. It is beside the "15" watt downlight between the "green" walls. Looks ok on paper, hope it works out well.
  18. Thanks! Yup, its pretty fun researching for ideas and concepts for your own home. Here is a little update, nothing too drastic this week as we are still waiting on the carpenter, who is overseas. Day 15 and 16 (Master Toilet) - Glass door and slight false ceiling adjustments Carpentry next week...
  19. Day 8 was wiring, Day 9 to 11 some ceiling work... Day 12 Carpentry measurement and installation of heater and basin. (Master Toilet) (Kitchen Toilet) (Living Room) - Lbox Now waiting for Carpentry.
  20. Its 15W with safety mark, comes with a little package discount. Bought them near Thomson.
  21. WC L-box Lightings Kitchen lights Masterbed Toilet Down-light Down-lights More to come.
  22. A little hoot update last weekend, overspend a bit cos of the number of down-lights... But hope it comes out well. Masterbed Basin Kitchen Toilet Basin Kitchen Basin
  23. Congrats to you too! Hope to see your T-blog soon.
  24. Yup, its quite an awesome experience. My designer was able to give me some thoughtful advice. More to come!