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  1. Hi guys, I have a black toilet too.. will post pics one done up. By the way, for those with black loo, what colour u choose for the ceiling? I'm thinking of painting the ceiling black along with the piping and trucking. will it look weird? The lighting is ample and ceiling is currently white... I'm installing black solid surface for vanity to.. will galaxy black indian granite be better? of course more pricey.. My ID wants me to top up $400+ to change to granite.. pls advice.. Thanks!!
  2. I just bought 2x Amaso ceiling fans with light kits at $150 each. Hope its a good buy.
  3. Anyone using EF washer? I'm eyeing the WF7100, 7Kg with 1000RPM spin speed and made in europe. Its rated 'AA' meaning both water and energy saving. I'm comparing this to Toshiba AW-D950SS 8.5Kg washer with DD inverter motor. Both are priced around the same. which one will be a better choice? http://www.ef.com.sg/ http://www.toshiba.com.sg/Product/HAProduc...eda2ebd152d81cc
  4. so bro, are u getting LG Tromm or other brand?
  5. Hi, I dropped by Harvey Norman today to look for a washer cum dryer. Saw this LG Tromm WD-14331RD (8Kg washer/ 4kg dryer). Its going for $1099. 10years motor warrenty. 2+3 yrs warrenty on parts. Worth it? Any users can share some comments? Thanks! This Tromm is made in korea. Offer does not last long or should I wait till month end?
  6. Hi, sorry to hear about your plight. Do u mind if u can PM me your ID's firm and name.. Thanks!
  7. How about my laminated flooring? shouldn't be a problem, rite?
  8. Any bros know whether Roomba Red comes with front swivel castor wheel that is gentle with the flooring?
  9. Can some kind soul pm me Kelvin's number? Thanks!
  10. Bro Surge, please count me in if there's a M.O . Thanks very much!