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  1. Similar experience as per zip track. At first worker get Covid, then zip track cannot come in time because China lockdown etc. If zip track cannot come in time, why say worker Covid in the first place? At least they offer to refund deposit and we engaged another supplier. If not I am going down their office camp and setup another FB, google page for them in order for others to find them.
  2. Haha. Blue flooring is quite hard to find to! Had to customize it so that its not too blue and my cabinets are kind of blue too!
  3. Hi Sorry, I am sorry I didnt login for some time! I got it from An Huat Trading opposite Great World City. They are one of the few specialize in Peranakan tiles which they customize for me (2-3months wait). Thanks for following!!!
  4. Thanks! Still loving my blue floor! Thanks for your compliments. I got the fan from chatuchak in Thailand. Haha probably the same place? For those particular about the colour temp of lighting, the living room lighting is 4000k, Toshiba brand about 10+ dollars from Thailand as well. Because common 2700k (warm white) and 5500k (cool white) is too white or orange for TV watching. My ID no longer working there already. Haha. The company starts with a three.
  5. I have noticed that my previous pictures are gone! Re-upload into Renotalk and ciao~
  6. That is most of the photos post renovation! (Need to dig out the bedroom pics that is somewhere..) Hope renotalker enjoy the blog! Hope to be back with the lived-in photos! Happy Chinese New Year! Haut Ah!
  7. 3 Pieces for Furniture to Share Brita Sofa Bed from Castlery Storage Bed My absolute favourite piece of furniture: Retro Cabinet Trucked all the way from Thailand Found it in a ulu corner from Bangkok!
  8. Details to maximize cabinet space Pull out Hafele Kessebohmer Spice Rack (from Hafele) Its really good and stable Carpenter wasnt sure it will last but help us to install in anyway! Double hinge drawer door due to uneven wall height U-shape drawer (to accomadate sink piping) with 2 x bearing tracks.
  9. Kitchen Island Kuche Hob and Induction Domino Cooker from Lioncityco Blanco Pleon 8 Sink (Undermounted by ID - Good Job!) from Hoe Kee Fisher and Paykel E521TR3 from Courts @ Orchard (There is a nice F&P agent station there) Bosch 90cm island hood from Courts Ariston Oven and Microwave from Mayer warehouse sale The island/dining table layout is definately the most difficult to design to fit into our TINY HDB kitchen. Our requirements Have an Island 790mm F&P Fridge Comply to gas piping and water piping regulations 2 domino hob Built in microwave/over Walking space Preperation area Large 700mm wide sink Enough Cabinetry Drawers Dryer and washerAlas, after 20+ layout brainstorming, we finally got all off the above except cabinetry drawers hence the dining table has cabinets on one side (and no leg room). Building is also difficult getting the necessary permits and rework of gas and concrete base due to wrong measurements. But its all worth it as the island makes cooking X2 interesting. Cleaning up is also much easier. Carpentry workmanship and detailing is good.
  10. Dining Table in Raw Wood Finish Dining Area! Chalkboard Painted Store Room Door (From Typo)
  11. Shoutouts to the 2014 t-bloggers who are still diligently updating and contributing, you have my respect! In case anyone is wondering why do we have a huge door in between the supremely small 4 room BTO living room. Door when closed Door when open This will be the living area WHICH ALLOW US TO SWITCH ON THE AIRCON when watching TV. (SOFA Bed from Castlery. Its fuax leather, cheap and good) Hence, no excuse for TV in the bedroom which is exclusively for sleeping.
  12. I am loving our barn door too! The idea turns out well I have officially moved in on the early Dec. Finally the dust has settle on the year long project. And managed to complete the house warming, christmas and holiday trip since moving in. My pic above is in here http://www.renotalk.com/articles/552/7-Outstanding-Ways-to-Tile-Your-New-BTO-Flat Another view when its completed My Favourite part of the house. Barn yard door + my live christmas tree. Will miss the welcoming pine smell when it dries up after 2months. All dressed up
  13. Wow thank you! I wish I could go to the Taj one day. Unfortunately, no. Mid Oct --> Their carpentry job was almost completed End Oct --> ID then got time to meet us and hopefully collect payment because we haven't meet up since carpentry is up Early Nov --> Tiles spoiled in the meanwhile. No response. Main ID on leave, job passed on to the boss. Did try to repair in the meanwhile but boss to busy to call for any updates. Sent pictures of flooring but conveniently left out the spot behind the door which cannot be removed. ID came back. Boss raised voice at my wife saying too busy to meet us, we have to go to his office. Took 3 weeks to come to mutual agreement. Mid Nov --> ID on holiday, need to wait 2weeks before she got time to meet us on site. We agreed to pay only if all things are done. Unfortunately its impossible since no time to meet before that to talk about defects. Communicate through email. Paid half of balance. End Nov --> ID have company trip. Another 2 weeks before we can meet which is this Saturday. Our timing is to meet after office hours or on Saturday. Was able to meet us no problems before signing the contract. Hate to write negative issues on my blog. Sigh.
  14. The 80s ******! Enjoy the Reno journey!!
  15. Cement tiles was out for a brief moment during the initial cleaning. HENG AR... The cleaner never acid wash this.. The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memoryReno will be worth the wait! Visited in the day and wanted to test out our track lights Improvised curtains!
  16. So close yet so far... Somehow renovation delayed again from the acid wash of the cement tiles.. Oh well.. Another 3more weeks to move in! I hope! I may somehow have the longest T-blog (in terms of time taken for reno) here. Anyway, will share the work in progress photos one by one for the weeks ahead! Only wardrobe area is considered fully upz Black mirror + simple design Her side of the wardrobe Slots for bags, Dresser and Accessories tray! The accessories tray is quite well done. Shall take a pic next trip.. The 2 cabinets below the accessories tray is too big! Should have left it as a shorts/skirts racks Her other-side of the wardrobe:) My side on the extreme left~ Just need some Muji Pull out drawers. Barnyard door track preview
  17. Haha.. Gave up on SMEG in the end and got sold on a Fisher and Paykel. Its really too small!
  18. I think twice a year. LOL. ~ I brought my washing machine and dryer last April during their warehouse sale too! I see you bought the super quiet model for the washing machine. Really good buy for the built in microwave too. That time no have. +1 for the green kitchen but it will be hard too pull off. Anyway, the white brown theme confirm nice, so why not render the 3D in the boldest colours possible. Then change 3D to brown if you don't like it. Dont tell your ID I said this...
  19. Display Cabinet After 3-4 revisions, here is the final cabinet design. Which was why we like the before more. But to reduce the dust bunnies, had to add doors and glass... Before
  20. Haha, . My kitchen either you like it or hate it. My ID choose ''POP'' colours and hates woodgrain laminates for some reason. "Huh! Woodgrain will confirm be nice but everybody is doing it" (I was like that is why everybody is doing it . In my head. Haha) I opt for ID. Their best people is their carpentry. (the other door people/metal people/illustrator is not as skilled but does the job) My advise: We found that they are good BEFORE signing up with them. Insisted on going for a site visit for all the shortlisted IDs. So it did not happen by chance. Can see immediately the workmanship of the ID carpentry comparing the site visits. Our parents are from this industry. Internally, good tilers = expensive, cheaper and good tilers = queue for more than 2 months if they have time. Same goes for painting and carpentry. Choose a quality that match your budget and standard.
  21. Haha the circular is from Oct 2014 so maybe not apply to Makanology.. Haha.. Anyway, the water proofing from the toilet should help the water seepage (but not the coldness of the water)... Bad News! Cleaner just acid wash my bathroom cement tiles. Colours faded and water proofing gone. ID and manager came down to see. Anyway, they are responsible enough to patch everything up. Either it can be sand down if the acid not eat too much into the tile or need to hack and re-do (my reno started in April/May!) Times like these I am glad the ID is reputable. But also should not happen in the first place. Hi Diva79! I have been reading your blog for tips! Welcome back to the forum
  22. Haha you have ID to recommend that help? I have only a TV console, sofa, craft cabinet and chairs to buy. If it clashes I will just go and return it IDEA for other forumers; Sort of in a low point due to the snail's pace of my home, went to Ikea and brought many things. I kept 7 out 10 items just to bring home and match things around. Speaking of Rojak; Its called I'klektic. My house its not scandi theme anyway. Its a combination of what me and my wife like.
  23. How creative to use the Kompacplus as the backsplash! Whose idea was it? Can see you really keep your scandi theme with teak/cherry oak variations! Nice!
  24. Hi Matchalatte, thanks for the compliments!! Your nick related to hojichalatte? Haha.It's colored PVC not colored laminates. Here is the difference: Colored PVC Only a few colours to choose from. Most will be wood grain. The premium IDs in my first few posts usually include in their quote. Usually they will use colored for your wardrobe and display but white for kitchen. More durable than laminates(I don't believe but One of the ID even claim theirs is scratch proof) I have ask several ID and they usually charge upwards $20 per foot run to change from white to coloured (discounted) Laminates Full range of colours. Expensive! Some Laminates are 3mm thick so they show more at the trimmings. Colored PVC immediately up the "quality" of the wardrobe but its just optical illusion.
  25. Hello! Just realize we used same ID firm.. Just read your blog from page 1! Haha.. Your house is really nice Congrats! Do post more photos!