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  1. Quotation is attractive, workmanship lacking. Will recommend to avoid.
  2. same problem. Engage HDB, plumbers, personally apply additional sealant around the joints. Nothing work. Finally, notice same phenomenon as one forumer pointed out. suspect there is a back flow into my piping system. Nothing much I can do except to flush every time the pungent smell comes up.
  3. thanks for the advise guys. btw any carpenter to recommed? the screw of hinges started to break off from wardrobe door. just to be fair to the contractor. my kids are the likely culprit in this case and a word of advise maybe sliding door with top hanging hinges are more suitable for those with toddlers or preschoolers. Problems after renovation: 5months .... counting. 1) Toilet bowl never seal properly. personally have to do the sealing since never pick up complain. 2) Paint peel off. have to scrap off paint and sand paper and paint. (thanks youtube) 3) floor laminate pop up. call up the laminate company myself for re-work and they finally responded after highlighting the power of forums. 4) Unable to close room door ... still thinking how to do. 5) started to find numerous " hidden" cracks in the bathroom tiles. 6) .......
  4. hi guys, my swing wardrobe door hinges are about to break off fromt the door. any recommendation for carpenter ?
  5. Hi there, new to the forum here, Just had my reno done recently, despite the warranties, guarantees promised by the ID/Contractors, when there is a problem all gone missing after money is paid. Seems like that is how the industry works irregardless of size of company. BTW, anyone uses floorrich lamiates before? Had my laminates done up by them through a contractor. I have some pops up after a couple of months. Call and ask for replacement and doesn't get any reply. Anyone familir with their after sales service?