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  1. Hi Felicia! PM-ed you my ID contact already. Hope it helps!
  2. Wow lemon! Nice views! Faster upload your 3D pictures! Cheers!
  3. Hi lemon, just realized haven't replied you yet. Mechanism is all normal soft close hinges.. Only selected blum in exception for the heavy duty kitchen Yes, my ID gave me internal wood grain PVC even in kitchen. it matches beautifully with my whole house main laminate color - gloss white. Hi Rose! Thank you so much for your praise I am indeed very glad to have chosen my ID; as some ideas that I initially thought will go well, now that I think of it again, actually does not work in my space. Thanks to my ID patiently explaining to me the pros and cons of going with one idea vs another. This benefit is why we engaged professionals to help with the renovation, although contractor may be cheaper (or actually not?); as they can help with areas we are not used to (space planning, design, coordination, purchasing loose items/accessories, etc..) will PM you the contact soon
  4. Hi lemon, please share more! Cheers!
  5. Thanks shirley! PM-ed you for the costing Hello neighbor! Are you also planning to do reno?
  6. Hi guys, really sorry for the confusion. Just to clarify I did not shift the WC bowl. I just realized that it's the image for the common bathroom instead of the master toilet. But the master toilet has the exact tiles, just different positioning of toilet bowl
  7. Hi Stralph, ya one of the reason why we got this unit in the first place
  8. hi tinydot, lemon, margarita. Thanks for the compliment, will PM you guys
  9. Happy new year guys! Just realized I haven't posted the completed bathroom and kitchen yet. As opposed to the living and bedroom, we wanted the kitchen and toilet to be practical, but not utilitarian. And of course easy to maintain So here goes, our kitchen And our toilet, very neutral palette of beige. Our ID recommended the one wall feature tiles for the shower as opposed to the more traditional mosaic. Apparently our ID used this concept for landed projects a lot, as it gives a sophisticated look and also less grout lines to maintain than mosaic tiles. And just to remind you, this was how it was before. So yes, you can say we are very happy with how it turned out.
  10. Thanks a lot Songz, guojiawen! Now that we have finally really settled in the space it feels very much like home to us, a place we look forward coming home to. Really felt that the reno journey a worth it journey to go through Hi greenbowl, yes, if you scrolled a few replies back you can see the actual photos of my house and also the 3ds. I would say the actual house is 95% near to the 3D, especially the custom carpentry and also I gave my ID picture of the accessories and fittings I picked up so it can be superimposed in. Cheers
  11. Seems like there was system error, some of my replies cannot go through and when I re-sign in, the posts are double any advise how to delete the double post? TIA Anyway been quite a while I post as I was busy last week.. So just wanted to show fellow RT-ers my completed space Foyer - Did a simple low shoe cabinet and a space to sit and change shoes, with the craft stone cladding that is used throughout the common areas of the house to give a sense of continuity Here is the living room, using the same craft stone cladding as the feature, and laminate feature wall. Simple glass sliding doors for the TV console in bronze and black glass. Both sides of feature wall cove lights are T5. My ID suggested that LED will save energy but will never be as bright as T5, so we opted for T5 for all the house as we like our house bright. Our favorite spot-dining area, the new position that changed from the previous area where we wanted it, near the kitchen. We entertain a lot, so the ID suggest that the dining can be an extension for sitting area when the living area is full and we do not want to open the family area for privacy The other side view of our dining area, you can see our double french sliding door - the only item we keep from the house. The previous house owner got the door from europe and is still sturdy and originally soundproofed the segregated area. We gave it a fresh coat of paint and nothing else is changed. If you noticed that there is no tiles grout line, it is because we carpet the whole house (except kitchen and toilets) so the feeling is soft on the feet. The foyer come with a big piece of rug that is smaller to carry so it is easy to wash (due to the high traffic area of foyer). All the carpets are 2inches thick, in beige to match the theme we selected. All the carpets are actually loose also, although it is wall to wall.
  12. Ya! Indeed they are very nice especially when the down lights on. For the maintainence my maid just vacuum it once or twice a week, it looks alright to me all the while.
  13. Ya! Indeed they are very nice especially when the down lights on. For the maintainence my maid just vacuum it once or twice a week, it looks alright to me all the while.
  14. Hi Vicx1234, I did asked the same question to my ID, my ID did told me but I could not recall. So sorry for that, too many items involded in this renovation so cannot remeber every single detail,haha. Maybe you would like to have my ID contact for the reno quote?