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  1. Interested in buying 2 sets of Graywater System - Saniflo 008 SANIVITE. If i can find Plumber or Handyman to Install for me, for 2 toilets. I will buy them. They cost about S$1600 or less to ship over. http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/Saniflo-SANIVITE-Gray-Water-Kitchen-Bar-Pump-Grey-008-/300829104502?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item460acfd976 http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/SANIFLO-SANIVITE-WASTE-WATER-PUMP-1004-LISTING-IS-FOR-AUSTRALIA-SENDING-VAT-/141093646401?pt=UK_DIY_Materials_Plumbing_MJ&hash=item20d9d63041 The instructions are here : http://www.saniflo.com/upload/products/16/manual_sanivite.pdf Or anyone can introduce any gray system for HDB? Most graywater system in Singapore aint suitable for HDB. Anyone can help me pls pm me. Thanks!