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  1. For bros who have problem, below are the models that should be fine. also, email or chat with the customer service officer. Here is a guide the some bros shared.
  2. Thank you for your valuable tips you shared in renotalk! 

    can I check if you're willing to share contractor details for your thread?

    Many thanks!



  3. Hi Jonatha332,

    Thanks for sharing many useful tips on your thread. Are you able to provide your contact and quote please?
    I'm preparing to reno my flat now. TIA.


  4. Hi Jonathan can trouble u to pm me ur contractor no. Thanks thanks 

  5. I have tried to replied all that have contacted me..
  6. Hi jonatha332, would you mind sharing your contractors contact that you have engaged for your renovation?Thanks.


  7. all PM replied.. sorry i tried to anwers as much as possible
  8. all PMs replied..for those who inbox full please clear them and let me know if you still want me to resend..
  9. all PM replied.. yes, I will try to post more pics soon..
  10. Hi no, it does not include socket points. Socket i think is $40 per point. concealed more ex at ard $65 or so. Roughly ard there if i nvr rem wrongly.
  11. Price is ok, i wont say cheap. but service i must say is not bad.. better than yon tat.. they do provide installation.. I say, you go to all 3 and then ask for a good quote. PM sent.
  12. Home broadband Review : M1 Just home broadband review. I was a previously subscriber to Singtel, not broadband just 15Mbs. But as the internet signals always get down, I decided to give M1 a try, since they are cheaper. $39 for 1GBps. If you are getting a broadband from them, do plan 2 weeks before they will come and install for you. Roughly speaking. I went on to take my router as ASUS RT-AC68U router, which I read from HWZ is better as the ASUS RT-AC87U router is problematic. After installation all is good except that my Master room cannot receive signals as my router is in the living room. So i went on to buy a Home Plug (Aztech). You need to buy 2, 1 adaptor to connect to your router and also 1 home plug to connect to your room socket. Apparantly, this is better than those range extenders because range extenders immediately cut your internet speed to half. So if you want better speed, take the homeplug option, which is what I did. All done.
  13. some items shared by fellow forummers..
  14. All PM sent. I will answer 1 qn about contractor so that first time owners have more awareness. Qn: Does the home renovation requires a licensed contractor to be carried out? Why are there many popular contractors in this forum that do not have a license? and can we use them. Yes. For all HDB reno, it is a must to have a HDB license to carry out renovation works. Your contractor will need you to sign a form allowing them the carry out reno works for you. That said, any contractor can perform reno works as long as he got a friend with license that can sign for on-behalf of him. So on the form, you will see only the licensed contractor company. When the contractor file in form to HDB, you will also receive an SMS notification to say that that firm is going to carry out works. So if that is not right, you can always sound out when you receive the SMS. Qn: Should i go with licensed or no licensed? There is no gurantee that licensed will perform the works well. Even with regulations it hard to justify any post reno problems. If they quote you $6000 for carpentry works spanning the whole kitchen and deliver a very poor workmanship job. Under the law, they still delivered the whole cupboard even the finishing is like shi.t. So they did not break any regulations. That said, it is better to work with licensed contractor with a number of years because they need to protect their reputation. Also, find ones that are responsible, because it is easy to quote a per foot rate of $210 for wardrobe, but how you know whether your wardrobe can close, got scratches and whether he will come and retify those.
  15. PM replied. I will also answer 1 qn about contractor soon..