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  1. Hi, Anyone knows how good is the Fisher & Paykel's 90cm Wall Canopy Rangehood & 70cm 3 burner Gas hob? What if compare with Bosch basic model 90cm Chimney Hood DWB09E750 & 3 burner Gas hob PBD7331SG? Chaos,
  2. Here are the tiles I selected: More on bright color, as 3 Room's toilets are rather small, bright color make the room looks bigger... Kitchen Wall & Floor Mater Toilet Wall & Floor Common Toliet Wall & Floor Chaos,
  3. Finally, Reno starts.... Day 1 Hacking My contractor super efficient...hoho!
  4. Think you are right! thanks. Gonna talk to my ID again on this... Casement or Sliding? Silver or White? Which type of grills? Chaos.
  5. Ya lol. Online purchase is risky, for example: color in picture may not exactly the same when you receive it, etc. Got to do lots lots research on what you planned to buy. On Taobao, many sellers selling the same look of lighting, but quality not exactly the same. It's safer to choose: 1/ Top seller with consumer guarantee, 2/ Top seller with good comments from most of buyers 3/ Better to choose products with detail descriptions 4/ Read very carefully about the dimension, material, accessories, etc Even after all the researches, you still not feel safe until the goods reach you with what you want... but somehow you will still love Taobao...
  6. Emptysoulz, you're right. Cleaning will be a headache... However it has slipped off my mind when I saw beautiful crystal lights. just can't resist it!
  7. Yep, lights are really expensive in sg. Plan to buy all the lights from TaoBao - less than 400RMB each. Much cheaper.
  8. Thanks, Sforshor. Your comments are all very pertinent! Share with you my master bedroom 3D as well: Master Bedroom Master Toilet Chaos,
  9. Thanks much, Sforshor. Your commend really to the point. I saw your 3D for living room and kitchen. Personally I like your house design very very very very much. Think your floor plan similar as mine. Mine design was initially very look like yours, except I'll hack the wall between kitchen and living room. My initial quote was around $42K. I tried my very best to keep in budget, but still exceeded by $2K after several round of scrubbing. 1/ I've cut down the whole TV console & feature wall design (by using off-the-shelf type TV console) 2/ Shorten kitchen & kitchen cabinet by only doing bottom cabinet (I do cook, but may not spend so much time in kitchen in fact, and upper cabinets blocks the natural light, defeat the purpose of open concept kitchen, I like the home to be bright naturally) 3/ Only change doors, not change windows and grills (think windows can do it later easily, if really don't like) 4/ Using laminating floor in bedrooms. Anyone got good ideas? Chaos,
  10. My ID just came back with some 3D drawings, base on what I wanted - "simple, comfort, modern". Living Room: 1/ Hack the wall between living room & kitchen, open up the space for dining. 2/ Add a glass panel to separated the kitchen, as well as to have better view from main entrance. Kitchen: 1/ Shorten the kitchen space as the original kitchen including dining space, where I want to relocate it to between living room & kitchen. Chaos,