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  1. For those who wants to have a simple, functional theme. I have written down the companies I have worked with on my renovation. Please go through the few pages. I hope you have a hassle free and pleasant renovation journey.
  2. Recently, I have to add on sliding windows and grills for service + grills for MBR toilet window. I didn't do the above when I was doing my renovation as I thought that it was unnecessary since the rain didn't get in but I was proven wrong in this monsoon season. I didn't get my original contractor as the quote he provided was significantly higher than usual. I went on to engage Simon Neo from AS PALACE DESIGN (Mobile: 97482867). He does my office renovation job for us. It was an eye opener working with Simon as his quote itemised everything! Never have I seen a contractor being so detailed! I was pleased with the work done. Cost me $725 for the above job. This is just for reference since each of us have different dimension and requirement. The company which did the window and grills is WAN SERN METAL INDUSTRIES PTE LTD at Tuas.
  3. Yes. Box up was done in master bedroom. The area in front of the toilet.
  4. For those who is looking for a qualified painter who has previously taken on projects from Kingsman to paint boutique like PRADA, bodyshop. Mr CHUA, freelance painter, TEO CHEW senior in his 60-70s providing reliable paint job. Mobile: 91941686. You may mention refer by Ah Ji. Mr CHUA helped us to paint our 4 room BTO and office.
  5. Hi just to share. I heard from my two sister-in-laws saying praises of this foam sponge in DASIO which is totally amazing and they're so confident that it will solve my scrum issue on my shower screen. It's melamine sponge $2 white in colour, comes in different sizes. Bought and tested. Was blown away! $2 and 15 mins my stubborn scrum is gone with the rub using water and the sponge! I wash it to clean my basin and light switches too. Great product!
  6. Thank you for your detailed sharing. I'll use those stronger cleaner to scrub off the stubborn stains.
  7. Anyone has good solution to clean shower screen glass panel? There's "hard" water stain. Usual glass cleaner doesn't seem to work.
  8. Master Chang gave us a choice. If we really want to tilt then let him know.
  9. I totally understand what you went through! You can send your jade for certifying at a testing lab called Nanyang (?)... Google pls.
  10. Hi, Thank you, it has been two months already. So far so good