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    Wood Fireplace

    Hi, Anybody knows where can I purchase material to DIY my own wood fireplace? And where can I buy plaster corbels and craft stones? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi everybody, Need some help or rather some recommendations on the floor tile and wardrobe quote and contractors. Basically, I'm planning to change my laminated flooring for my bedrooms (I'm staying at 5 room flat, which I've been staying for the past 6yrs now) to ceramic. I went to one of the design contractor around my residential area, told him what I wanted, and he said that they have to remove the laminated tiles and they have to do some hacking, what puzzle me is that is it necessary to do hacking since I'm using laminated floor now? And the price which he quote, is $6,000 for 3 bedrooms and the price is only for removing of laminated flooring, hacking and new tiles without wardrobe. I find it too expensive though. As I'm new to this renovation things, I do need some advise or recommendation on reliable contractors. Thanks in advance