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  1. Good to worry more at planning stage and then close both eyes and hope for the best later. I would think not many home owners really implement such systems to even comment. Anyway, I've found a bottom-loaded solution which the vendor also admitted is more robust than any top hung system. Only problem is to maintain the bottom track well.
  2. Hi lyz77, did you manage to find one ? Will want a flat profile one for my tic-tac door too
  3. yes, those shops use top hung 10mm glass, but the movement is usually motorized (which is more consistent and linear). At home, we will pushing/pulling along all planes and angles.
  4. Yes, most of the execution is top-hung. Still, if you have seen those 10mm tempered glass, you will wonder if they will last. Just a concern I have.
  5. Hi, am planning to do full reno, but HIP polling is planned for end of the year. One of the essential items of HIP would be to replace the toilet waste pipes, so am trying to see how to 'design' my toilet works to accomodate HIP. I have some specific questions, hoping experts can reply to this post or via private message 1) Is it possible to reuse the old toilet bowl ? I am not sure how toilet bowls are fixed onto the ground, but if they are just bolted down, perhaps can reuse after the replacement of waste pipe 2) Is it possible to replace the waste pipes without hacking the floor tiles ? If floor tiles need to be hacked, would the whole floor be hacked or just a portion. Concern is the waterproofing 3) There is some mention of liability on the part of owners who do not wish to change the waste pipes - they will be 100% liable should their downstairs neighbour suffer from ceiling water leak coming from my unit (as opposed to 50%:50% share). Can someone share what exactly is the extent ? After all, warranty from HDB is supposed to be x years (I think 5), so what happens after that ? Any other suggestions on how to minimize the 'damage' from HIP would be welcomed. Thanks in advance
  6. Just an update (in case anyone else is also looking for a similar solution - am now exploring those wardrobe sliding doors - some as as thin as 0.5" with tracks only 1". Only concern is that the frame may be too flimsy to take heavy tempered glass. Still exploring. Look forward to more sharing from experts
  7. Thanks tost. Do you know of any showroom where I can look at real samples ? Saw something at IMM but not really representative of what I need.
  8. Thanks Airconnection. Starmex was recommneded by a shop too. I guess perhaps System 4's can work within the old constraints, so maybe they will bring in System 5 in future
  9. Am looking for sliding door solution to separate living room from kitchen. Unfortunately it's a 1.5m panel meeting a 2.5m panel at 45degree. Anybody come across any suppliers or showroom to get solutions ? Currently the IDs I've been speaking to suggested 1) top hung glass (which I feel may vibrate and not last as long) or 2) wide tracks (with 2 or 3 panels sliding on them) embedded in the floor Hoping for an even better solution (if there is). Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks claypot. I think what you describe should be the expected outcome. But I saw there is a HDB limit of 8.5A max running current allowed for the older 30A homes. So wonder if there are aircons which are designed for that limit (and thus are less powerful). Just checking if anyone has any ideas on this topic.
  11. Hi. My HDB estate is expected to poll for HIP soon. One of the improvements is the upgrade of the electrical load from 30A to 40A. May I ask if any experts know what is the impact on choice of aircons ? Am living in 4room place and looking to install a System 4 (probably Panasonic or Daikin). Intuitively I expect I can use a more powerful system, but that means I will need to wait another two years. Tried asking a couple of aircon sales people but didn't get any headway. Thanks in advance for enlightenment.