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  1. First suggestion is to understand what is the broad concept/style you want for each bathroom? Then have an idea of the all together budget. Typically contractors will not include fixtures like toilet bowl/sink/shower so you will need to factor in that cost in there. Then source for various interior designers/contractors to get an idea of their prices/working style.
  2. ok thanks! how would you determine the roughly 40% progressive payment part? Would it be like 10% on completion of hacking, 10% on completion of installing floor/wall tiles, 20% on installing utilities (toilet bowl etc)? Is there an overlap between the commencement of works phase (typically 40%) and the commencement of carpentry phase (typically another 35-40%)? Means the installation of cabinets is the last part?
  3. I just got 2 quotes from factory direct which offers $580 for each glass door inclusive of installation (excluding GST). For one, the price includes dismantling of my existing bifold door as well as any required uplift of the glass door (if it does not fit into the lift) while for the other it does not include dismantling and uplift. Just wanted to check, does a glass door for HDB common room (3ft by 7ft) fit into a HDB lift (I'm in the pasir ris area, 20+ yr old estate)? If not, what is the usual rate for uplift to my place on the 6th floor?
  4. I heard that for LED lights the drivers are the first to fail. If possible, maybe you should check if you can install double drivers into the LED?
  5. Ok, thanks! My reno is quite minor, expected to only take about a month. will try to go for 15%, but if not will do 10%. Thanks!
  6. You should also check whether the fees include hauling the doors/tillers to your unit. My tempered glass door was also quoted at SGD$850 per piece but excluded an additional $200 per piece to bring the door up to the 6th floor.
  7. Thanks David! I'm wondering what number will be reasonable - 10/15/20%? Obviously the higher the better but I also don't want to come across as unreasonable.
  8. Hi all, I am doing up a renovation of the bathroom (both master and common toilets) in my newly acquired 5 rm HDB. I am on the 6th floor. Got quoted this amount for glass doors & glass shower screen ... 1. Supply & install 01 10mm frameless tempered opaque glass swing door c/w circle handle and lock set at common toilet - SGD$850 (excluding an additional SGD$200 per piece to carry from ground unit) 2. Supply & install 02mm Frameless tempered glass with fix panel at common toilet - SGD$280 (excluding an additional SGD$200 to carry from ground unit) - is this considered expensive?
  9. My payment schedule is 10 (on signing), 50 (on commencement of works), 35 (on commencement of carpentry works at factory) and 5 (on completion). Is this fair or should I bargain for a better schedule?
  10. I heard about the dorma swing mechanism is quite good but I'm not sure how expensive it is as it is branded.