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  1. Problem with my branded Bosch washer again. It happened similar to the first time - the washer just died while washing. No power to the whole unit. Suspect problem with the power regulator board again but need technician to confirm this Friday. Will have to pay $90+ for the service visit regardless whether to change part or not. Adding to this, I just changed the shock absorber in Oct15 for $37 parts and $85 for labour. This model is suppose to be one of the top end German design and made model. Certainly did not live up to the German reputation. If this round repair is going to cost a bomb, I swear this would be the end of Bosch product for me.
  2. Yep.All mains power outlet better use the PSB certified and approved model. The ones you shown may not have power rated to work under high current and may cause power trip. Safety first.
  3. Hi, Looking for a reliable and reasonable electrical contractor to do rewiring of my condo unit and the following services. a. supply and Install lighting pointsb. supply and Install double power pointc. supply and Install over/hob/hood pointd. replace water heater sockete. replace SCV outletf. install light fittingg. install fanh. replace old switch plate cover (legrand brand)i. Supply T5 Please PM me if you have any good contact. Thanks.
  4. Hi Bro, I am looking for a KDK fan for my condo living room measuring 6.8m x 4.1m x 3m (H). Do you have any recommendation ? Pls PM me.
  5. Hi Nicole, Is yr quote for HDB or condo ? Can you PM me yr contact ?
  6. Got this from my contractor for condo for replacement of socket and installation work. Is this reasonable ? a. Light point Per item $ 45.00 b. Change of casing socket Per item $ 25.00 c. Conceal new socket Per item $ 95.00 d. Change of SCV socket Per item $ 35.00 e. Change of water heater socket Per item $ 45.00 f. Installation of fan Per item $ 180.00 g. Installation of light bulb Per item $ 15.00
  7. Hi, Got a quote from the original installer to quote. $30 per hinge and $80 for labour to change. Total is $160.50 for two hinges with GST. The trouble is that this problem is likely to resurface again later due to wear and tear of the plastic sleeve at that joint that would wear off. Wondering if anyone have such experience and are there more lasting hinges out there that do not use plastic sleeve.
  8. HI, After 2 years, my toilet glass door hinge is now producing a loud cracking sound whenever I try to open the door and it is getting louder by the day. I have tried lubricating the hinge but does not seemed to help. I read from forum that the hinge may have worn out and needs to be replaced. Does any have this experience and how do you go about fixing it ?
  9. The technician came to repair as per appointment. He replaced two power regulator board and after that it worked. The repair was free as covered by warranty and the repair itself comes with 3 months warranty. So far the service experience with the technician has been pleasant. Will see how long this will last.
  10. My Bosch just broke dpwn less than 2 years of purchase. Failed while half way washing and now no sign of life. Still covered by warranty and technician will be dropping by next wed. The hotline person cautioned me that some parts may not be covered by warranty. WTF. Pay so much for a branded product to be faced with such problem is a shame. Let's see what the technician say...
  11. Hi, My common toilet water basin outlet is chocked. I think the problem is with blocked drain between the wall outlet of the basin and other end to the main water disposal. Most likely need some kind of high pressure water blasting to clear the chocked deposit in the drain. Anyone have good encounter with plumber utilising such technique to clear chocked pipe ? Pls recommend.
  12. Hi Joemit and all, can I have your painter contact too. Thanks!
  13. Hi, Any tried and happy with the work done by KowYee ? I met Mr Lee for false ceiling quotation but also wanted quotation for carpentry work. He quoted me the ceiling and lighting installation job on the spot but said that carpentry job have to be quoted by his uncle. Have not heard from him since. Though reasonable, his quotation style is quite informal - no formal quotation, everything verbal and depending on trust. Feeling like giving him the job but feeling abit uneasy. Anyone dealing with him have the same experience ?