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Found 32 results

  1. Hi are there any electrical firms that have done a fibre optic star ceiling or specialise in it? I wish to do it for my bedroom. Looking urgently. I've attached the pics of what im looking for. Please let me know. Thanks Regards, Vijitha
  2. Introducing KIO SAI Gang, a group Singaporean Plumbing and Electrical professionals to settle your headache. Core Service - Whole House Electrical Wiring / DB Box / ELCB / Main Circuit Breaker / Switch Point / Power Plug - Ceiling Fan Installation - Hot / Cold water Pipe Installation - Pipe Leakage / Chokage fixture - Basin or Sink Chokage - Light and Heater Installation - Repair Toilet Bowl flushing system - Change and Install w/c Toilet Bowl - Tap change and install - Jacuzzi / Bathshell Installation Other aspects of renovation rectification also available. e.g: Plastering, Putty, Painting. We help you to break down your mountainous problem into small bits. We are experience in Renovation industry. Noticed there have been some disturbing trend of renovation defects and half done job. The worse we encountered were runaway (missing) contractors/ID. You guys have been enduring the poor workmanship, incomplete details in your house irks you. You always give a sigh whenever you see the defect. We are here to help. Don't drag any longer. The faster you solve your problem, the less stressful you'll be. Interested parties, PM please! Look forward to hear from you! Find and Like our Facebook Page 'KIO SAI'
  3. Any good Handyman, Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Renovator to recommend? We are not agent. Find us here at www.ServiceManApp.com
  4. Hi, interested to create a dedicated electrical line for your audio system? Feel free to reach me at 96721871 for details.
  5. Hi, Just to share a good electrician worked for my unit full restoration of electrical wiring. Cost less than 4k. he charge by per item: single power point $50 double power point $55 light point $30 heater/AC point $100 install light $10 He might not be the cheapest, but his workers workmanship is commendable. And he is quite responsive when requesting for changes, giving ideas.
  6. How to install 110v plug in kitchen during home renovation? Need to go from 240v to 110v. Can buy power points with internal step-down transformer? This is for 8.1amp 110v garbage grinder. Rather not buy a plug-in transformer if I can get the right power point. Thanks!
  7. Any homeowners could give me some advice or tips on how to use air-con economically? Especially the air-con in the living room.
  8. I recently met a general contractor online and decide to engage them as their office is very near my house. After their initial quote, I decide to scale down the scope of works as I can't find much independent reviews online and I have a pretty tight budget to work with. My current requirements as follows: HDB New Type BTO 4-room Need to have water heater storage tank in service yard with pipes connecting to Kitchen and common toilet pipes. Need to install Kitchen sink (600mm++), Kitchen Hob, Kitchen Hood (chimney type), Oven, Dishwasher (free standing type). Lower cabinets only. No upper cabinets. No additional walls,tiles, etc as I don't see a need for very good aesthetics. Just need a functional kitchen. Windows (privacy if possible) and grilles at service yard as the orientation of my service yard expose my kitchen to people walking pass. After signing, the contractor told me that might be additional cost which wasn't factor in: Extension of sink support to include dishwasher to prevent leaks - $300 Inlet & Drainage works for dishwasher - $120 Kitchen Hood installation - $80 Additional 15amp socket for oven/hob to be quoted by their in-house electrician - ??? Soft-hinges only for casement door (EXCEL), drawers are normal type. No BLUM. Also, there are no clauses for workmanship warranty, schedule, etc.. although the contractor did assure me 1 year workmanship warranty and provide the schedule separately. It's just quotation which I signed + pay deposit. While I wouldn't cancel as there will be penalty of 30%, if the pricing is not good, then I will probably need to get them to finish the task stated in the quotation and get another contractor to settle the rest if they are over-pricing their services. Would like to hear from the rest given that I'm not in this industry. External Image Link here: https://imgur.com/NBa5Bkg If you feel the quotation is cheap/fairly priced and want to get the contact of the contractor, I more than happy to share with you.
  9. Hi! I'm a new HDB resale owner and doing extensive reno works to my flat. I thought of sharing my learning process here because there is a lack of information about PUB testing and I was confused about whether it's really required. So I engaged an ID company but won't go into that except to say that the electrical quote they gave me (sub-contractor) was sky high. Plus there were items there I wasn't familiar with and when I asked other electricians, they said those items were not necessary. Cut the long story short, I decided to call HDB directly to ask whether PUB testing is mandatory and whether I will be breaching any rules if I didn't do it. (Apparently it's not just about paying a few hundred dollars for the testing but there are other implications like you can't have concealed wiring (because otherwise can't test). In the end I'm not doing concealed wiring though!) I called HDB general line and was directed to the technical officer in charge of my block! (I never knew there was such an officer, ha!) He was very helpful and answered my burning questions. Further more, he even gave me the contact number of the HDB electrician (term contractor) that his HDB branch uses. I was so happy when in the end this electrician's quote was less than half price compared to the ID's quote! Wa I saved $3,375! (can you believe it??!) All in all, I was very happy that not only am I using an electrician approved by the HDB officer in charge of my block, I saved thousands of dollars. He was also able to get me affordable lighting (in process but he just told me 1 standard LED down light can get at $27). I summarise here some things I learnt from speaking with the HDB officer and his recommended electrician: For a start, PUB testing is recommended by HDB. There are apparently recent fires that broke out in flats because of wiring issues. And for peace of mind, you can conduct such testing. If you don't do PUB testing, there will not be any fine. HDB does not conduct checks to see if testing is done. The point is that they recommend it, but if you don't do, it is your decision and responsibility so that if any problem comes up, it is not HDB's responsibility. Here's the interesting thing: When I asked the electrician that my technical officer recommended, he said "No need to do PUB testing"! Hmm... I'm now wondering whether PUB testing is actually for new flats like BTO, but if a HDB-recommended electrician says no need for my resale flat, then...? I leave you to fill in the blanks I think that if this electrician is recommended by HDB, his standard should be pretty decent. He said his company is the only authorised HDB electrical contractor for North sector and handles at least 10 HDB units daily! The company is registered under BCA which definitely gives me assurance!
  10. Our existing HDB Consumer Units are this type: I saw a commercial office tenant having installed this variant instead: Any LEWs can advise if this be installed in HDB units?
  11. Hi there members, I have multiple BEST DENKI CASH VOUCHERS value of one thousand dollars and willing to let go for nine hundred dollars. Any interested party could send me message to my inbox.
  12. Installing a power outlet enhances the outdoor area of the house and one can fully enjoy the open air. Everyone loves to stroll outside the house and relax in the fresh air comfortably. The best thing to do is to add an electrical outlet in the outdoor living space area and follow the below-given suggestions: 1. Lighting- One should always experiment with different type of lighting to match the mood and enhance the excitement. For example, set the outdoor area with illuminating bright light and enjoy playing games with the whole family. Moreover, one can put magical strings of fairy lights to dazzle up a late night party. 2. Cool and heat- To provide a comfortable temperature outside the house, one can plug in a gentle mist cooling system or a weather-resistance outdoor fan. One can even install an outdoor rated heating system by taking help of an electrician electrician to enhance the outdoor living space during winters. 3. Work- An outdoor outlet provides convenience for the garden tools to operate without any problem. The trimmers, leaf blowers, etc operate easily with more power than the batteries and without any noise, mess, and hassle that one gets while putting fuel into the gasoline. 4. Play- One can easily enjoy and play the favorite musical instrument like electric guitar, keyboard or kazoo by connecting the instrument to the outdoor outlet. 5. Cook- There is nothing better than cooking in the garden amidst the beauty of the flowers. By installing an outdoor power outlet, one can use the small appliances to whip up the favorite treats. Making use of an electric grill is the best option as it heats up fast and is easy to clean. Moreover, it is safe to use as it does not cause any off-gas fumes and carbon-monoxide like charcoal or propane. Before setting out the power outlet outside there are few things which one has to decide. The first thing is whether to run it overhead, which is easier but prone to damage easily, or to keep the wiring underground, which is a bit difficult to install but safer. The second thing is where to position the outlet, which should be decided wisely to avoid any problem. One should take help of a professional electrician to set the power outlet with ease. ______________________ Please share your opinion. Thanks! Electrician Palo Alto Electrical Contractor Redwood City
  13. Hi, I would like to share my recent experience with an electrician named Tan. He cheated my mother of $1450 and I don’t want anyone else to fall victim to his scam tactics so please be aware and help to spread the word. The main power of our house had been shorting out at random times over the past week or so. My mother found Tan's ad for electrical services in the newspaper and called him to come and check what was causing this on 6 December. He came over to our house and checked the main circuit board. He said it needed to be replaced and that it would cost $1450 to replace some circuit breakers and a copper wire. My mother said $1450 was very expensive and asked if he could give a discount. Tan refused repeatedly then started using scare tactics, saying the problem was “serious”, “the circuit breakers were all “black” and that “the house could have burnt down”. My mother is a retiree and she was alone at home that day. When she heard these things, she got scared and agreed to his price. Tan then proceeded to replace the circuit breakers, but started displaying a lot of bizarre behaviour. He started complaining that the house was “very hot” and that he was “tired” then repeatedly stepped out of the house to the common corridor, saying he needed to “rest”. He took a grand total of 30min, INCLUDING his repeated breaks of stepping out to “rest”, to fix the circuit board and said he would give her a one-year warranty on the circuit board parts he replaced. After Tan left, my mother was very upset and called to tell me what happened. I was extremely angry that she did not call me earlier to discuss this, as I even though I am not familiar with an electrician’s typical pricing, I know that $1450 is a ridiculous amount to charge for less than 30min of work replacing a few circuit breakers and one copper wire. I would have told her to have at least gotten a second opinion and to definitely not agree to such an outrageous price. I asked my mother why she agreed to Tan’s price and she said she got frightened when he said the switch board could catch fire and burn the house down. Tan took advantage of my elderly mother, and the fact that she was alone at home with no one to help advise her that this was 1) an unreasonable price, 2) she should get a second quote, and used scare tactics to scam her. His tactic of scaring my mother into acceptance was completely unethical and the fact that he charged so much for such little work was so utterly reprehensible. To make matters worse, the power in the house shorted out again the very next day – three times! When she called Tan to inform him and asked him to come back to check, he said he was busy settling “personal matters” and was not free to come back. He then had the audacity to tell my mother that the wiring of one of our electrical appliances may be faulty and we should “call an electrician” to “settle our problem” before calling him back. My mother told me what he said and I was furious and shocked at the nonsense Tan was spewing. He is an electrician. He was hired to check and fix the electrical fault one day ago. He overcharges by a crazy amount and then it turns out the problem had not been fixed at all. Then he refuses to come back even and tells us to hire “an electrician”?! Where is the logic in that? Clearly he did not do a proper job in the first place and clearly he is not honouring the one-year warranty he guaranteed. I asked my husband to call Tan to talk to him. Tan gave the same nonsensical answer that he was not free to come back until maybe one week later. Tan also said he would have to charge us again if he were to come back. My husband pointed out to Tan that it was his job to check everything that day to find what was causing the short circuits but he clearly didn’t do that and if so how he could have charged $1450. Tan insisted that was just for replacing the circuit breakers and that if we were not happy then “don’t call him back”. My husband told Tan that he was clearly cheating my mother of her money and if he refused to make good on his service and warranty, my husband would report this to the police and CASE. Tan then cursed my husband with a string of Hokkien vulgarities and hung up the phone. This incident has left my whole family feeling cheated and scarred. Not only was my mother cheated of $1450, we now have to hire another electrician to do the work that Tan did not do in the first place. And my mother is ashamed that she got cheated by Tan and traumatised by all the lies and trouble this crook caused. I’ve reported this incident to EMA and CASE, but CASE said it is unable to help because Tan is an individual not a company. I’ve attached a pic of Tan’s newspaper ad. Please do not engage his services and fall victim like we. I do not wish for anyone else to get cheated by this crook and he needs to taken to task for scamming an elderly lady of so much money. EO
  14. Hi all just want to share some of my electrician common cost with you all, hope it is useful. Installation of ceiling light / cove light / Downlight / Track Light / : $10 Installation of pendant light: $25 supply lighting point for downlight: $25 Supply of lighting point (Looping) : $45 Installation of wall fan: $25 Installation of ceiling fan: $45 Installation of ceiling fan with light fixture: $55 Supply water heater point with switch (15A): $60 Supply of Hood & Hob Point with Switch: $80 Supply & Install of MCB (24 Ways): $360 Single Socket: $45 Double Socket: $55 SCV Point: $60 Data Point: $70 For rewiring of existing unit, LEW testing is available, testing fee to be paid by owner, and will be advised by LEW tester. Pls contact Nicole xxxxxxxx for more details. Thanks.
  15. Hi there, i am provided a breakdown for my electrical cost for my 3 BR Condo. Can anyone help me see if this is reasonable? Or am i being ripped off. Total Electrical Work Cost is 2,940 SGD.
  16. Hi bros and sis, i am here to share a electrical and plumbing service provider, i recently renovated my house in seng kang, i have my own ID to do up my carpentry and tiling works, as for electrical and plumbing side, i really have to share and recommend sparkflow electrical and plumbing, their workmanship was up to my expectation and their cost may not be the cheapest but they are able to deliver everything in time.. called them 2 times to come up to touch up some minor issues and they were ok and responsive ( i think local service provider are better in terms of coming back to touch up stuffs compared to those contractors from jb... heard alot of scary stories about them...).. The best thing i like is every quote were broken down individually and official receipt were given and and warranty also! =) i got their contact through a old classmate of mine.. if anyone need can try approaching them. my service coordinator was Roy 91 05 01 66
  17. Hi fellow peeps. Need some input on whether this electrical quote is over the top or market price? 1 Track lighting point ( C ) ( $75.00 ) 2 nos 150.00 2 Hanging lighting point ( C ) ( $75.00 ) 1 nos 75.00 3 Install hanging light ( $35.00 ) 1 nos 35.00 4 T5 lighting point ( C ) ( $95.00 ) 2 nos 190.00 5 LED strip lighting point ( C ) ( $85.00 ) 4 nos 340.00 6 Install LED strips light ( $25.00 ) 4 nos 100.00 7 Install normal light ( $12.00 ) 9 nos 108.00 8 Install T5 light ( $12.00 ) 4 nos 48.00 9 install door bell ( $20.00 ) 1 nos F.O.C 10 install track light ( $30.00 ) 8 nos 240.00 11 install fan ( $50.00 ) 1 nos 50.00 12 install looping track light ( $20.00 ) 3 nos 60.00 13 2 way switch , per switch ( C ) ( $130.00 ) 1 nos 130.00 14 2 way switch , per switch ( $90.00 ) 1 nos 90.00 15 Hood point , per point ( $150.00 ) 1 nos 150.00 16 Heater point, per point ( $150.00 ) 2 nos 300.00 17 Supply labour to change all switch or socket ( $10.00 ) 10nos ETM 100.00 18 13amp x 2 socket outlet ( $80.00 ) 1 nos 80.00 19 13amp x 2 socket outlet ( C ) ( $95.00 ) 2 nos 190.00 20 install lan point ( C ) ( $180.00 ) 1 nos 180.00 21 Reposition lan point with socket ( C ) ( $120.00 ) 2 nos 240.00 22 Reposition power point with socket ( C ) ( $45.00 ) 3 nos 135.00 23 Reposition scv point with new socket ( C ) ( $120.00 ) 2 nos 240.00 GRAND TOTAL = 3,231.00
  18. hi, am currently doing my simple office renovation. was told I need to do a single line drawing to submit to building LEW to endorse and install meter. however, am not changing the existing electrical points. anyone have any LEW contacts to share for endorsement?
  19. Anyone know anywhere in Singapore has stop that sell a wide selection of lighting switch and wall socket, not looking for the common and simple type, prefer those with design, touch sensor or similar type. Thanks in advance
  20. Hi everyone, my id had quoted me this price for my 5 room resale. Can someone advice pls.... Thank you veri much!! 01) lighting point (count by no. of lights)(with installation n light fitting), qty: 54 x $35= $1890 02) single power point (13A x 1 outlet), qty: 4 x $45= $180 03) double power point (13A x 2 outlets), qty: 13 x $55= $715 04) television point (scv), qty: 4 x $100= $400 05) heater/ air-con point (15A), qty: 2 x $120= $240 06) cooker hood point (fuse switch), qty: 1 = $80 07) telephone point, qty: 1 = $50 08) ceiling fan point with installation (5 plate), qty: 1 = $80 09) MCB 10Amp & copper bar for distribution box, qty: 1 = $50 10) New Distribution Box (excluding main cable), qty: 1 = $450 Total bills: $4,135.00
  21. Hi All, We are looking for contractor or sub-contractor for electrical & plumbing & ceiling works for our new 5-room BTO. We already have our carpenter so only contractor for other works needed. Any recommendation? Thank you.
  22. My ID recommended electrician quote, please comment. Supply and labour lighting point S$ 38.00 each Installation of lighting S$ 10.00 each Supply and labour T5 point S$ 38.00 each Installation of T5 light S$ 10.00 each Supply and labour ceiling fan point (with install) S$ 120.00 each Supply and labour hanging light point (with install) S$ 90.00 each Supply and labour SCV point S$ 120.00 each Supply and labour data point - Cat 6 S$ 150.00 each Supply and labour 13A x 2 power point S$ 60.00 each Supply and labour 20Amp SP isolator S$ 200.00 each
  23. I need this fridge for making home brew and would like it as a top and bottom compartment with the top as a fermentor and bottom as a chiller for mine finish brew. Visited a lot home brewing forum without finding a thread or video on mine ideal fridge. Any help would be greatly appreciated :good:
  24. Item Description: Brand New EubiQ Tracks & Additional Adapters/Sockets Condition:10/10 (Brand New) Price: (A) E-track (Normal- E-TRACK SL-600): $80 each (B) E-track (White with Blue Lights - E-TRACK WH-600): $90 (one only) Additional Adapters/Sockets: $15 each(BS2 British Compact) Contact: 91913751 (please sms) Location: Cash and Carry near Braddell MRT Remarks: I have a few BRAND NEW Eubiq tracks for sale. Brought them for my new house but decided not to install them For more details and pictures pls visit: http://jumbojunkyard.blogspot.sg/2014/11/wts-brand-new-eubiq-tracks-additional.html For all items, visit: jumbojunkyard.blogspot.com Items include: http://jumbojunkyard.blogspot.sg/2014/11/wts-yamaha-hs-5-studio-monitor.html http://jumbojunkyard.blogspot.sg/2014/11/wts-onkyo-ht-s3100-51ch-home-theater.html http://jumbojunkyard.blogspot.sg/2014/11/wts-3m-filtrete-fap02-air-purifier-1.html http://jumbojunkyard.blogspot.sg/2014/11/wts-3m-filtrete-fap03-air-purifier-1.html Thanks! =)