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  1. Hi, feel free to contact me as I'm having a kitchen package with free gifts. Pls see the attachments.
  2. Hi, I would like to work out this renovation with you. As I'm having a package for kitchen. Here's the attachments, feel free to contact me for further discussion. Thank you.
  3. Hi, feel free to drop me a text or call me. I have own carpentry factory. I will do my best for best price n best service. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I'm Cindy Lim sales designer. I can do best quotation. Pls contact me at 90700594 for further discussion. Thank u.
  5. Hi, Yes, he's from 3D innovations.. I had pm u his number, do check it out..
  6. I had engaged Denn Lim from this company in end of April for my 5 rooms flat renovation n now my house was nicely Reno. Base on my experience with him, he's a very responsible n responsive guy, through out the Reno he had been looking after the Reno closely n gave lots of patience when there's any changes or questions I had asked for. Though his price for this Reno was not the cheapest or the highest compared with some id I had met but it's in the mid range. The workmanship for carpentry works was done very well.. I'm very satisfied with the workmanship n designs he had done for my house and had lots of good compliments from all my relatives and friends on my house warming. Now, my parents also engaged him to do renovation n now the Reno was going on... I can said, this guy is good n great! Will recommend him!
  7. Hi, I would like to buy fridge n washing machine, but I can't decide which to buy between samsung n LG... Or any other brand to reccommend?
  8. Hi everyone, my id had quoted me this price for my 5 room resale. Can someone advice pls.... Thank you veri much!! 01) lighting point (count by no. of lights)(with installation n light fitting), qty: 54 x $35= $1890 02) single power point (13A x 1 outlet), qty: 4 x $45= $180 03) double power point (13A x 2 outlets), qty: 13 x $55= $715 04) television point (scv), qty: 4 x $100= $400 05) heater/ air-con point (15A), qty: 2 x $120= $240 06) cooker hood point (fuse switch), qty: 1 = $80 07) telephone point, qty: 1 = $50 08) ceiling fan point with installation (5 plate), qty: 1 = $80 09) MCB 10Amp & copper bar for distribution box, qty: 1 = $50 10) New Distribution Box (excluding main cable), qty: 1 = $450 Total bills: $4,135.00
  9. Hi, can anyone share a 5 rooms resale flat electrical quote? Eg. Fitting light, power point n scv box. Thanx!
  10. Hi Andy, Can send me cataglogue n price for windows n grilles? And quotation for 5-room resale flat. 1) service balcony- sliding 2) bedroom 2- sliding 3) bedroom 3- sliding 4) master bedroom- casement 5) living/dining- sliding Thank you!