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  1. totally agree. fundamentally it is still the commitment of the people living in the house that makes the difference. however, im sure you will agree some of the external factors also affects the outcome directly. ie. if the energy in the house is bad. fengshui can help with the enhancement of the environment, be it using spells or energy from natural stones etc to make a difference, big or small. its just like saying God loves you. but we all know that God loves you even if you dont work and have no income or food to eat. Because his love doesnt work if you dont love yourself
  2. my turn today.. dear kalimantan brother.. you sound like a sour troll. get a life.
  3. I also have a red fire riser on the immediate left of my main door. on my right is a staircase which is always very dark. above the door is a lot of loose wiring which I cannot touch as I think they belong to town council. any expert can advice?
  4. I applied for 3 and see which one approves first. then I pick the best of the 3. if split into 3 does it mean you have to pay admin fee x 3?
  5. according to the seller Ju bao pen must have certain mixture of crystal, coins etc. he also gave me a specific timing to place the item. not sure if it can be scientifically explained by energy etc. but it did brought about some favourable results.. haha
  6. put a 8gua mirror? what direction is your main door facing?
  7. previously I got quoted for 1.50 psf for marble polishing. parquet polishing for rooms is $600 for 3 rooms. staircase not very sure as I don't have stairs at my house. hope it helps
  8. if the floorplan can be downloaded, it should come with the measurements already. last I passed my floorplan without measurement to my ID he drafted out both 2D and 3D for me FOC. think he needs it to come out with a quotation and purpose of discussion as well. hdb floor plan can be downloaded at hdb website for $5
  9. hi bros and sis! anyone has any idea how often we should polish our parquet floors and any maintenance tips for parquet flooring? TQ in advance!
  10. that's very fast. im glad something good happened to you too!
  11. hi, am currently doing my simple office renovation. was told I need to do a single line drawing to submit to building LEW to endorse and install meter. however, am not changing the existing electrical points. anyone have any LEW contacts to share for endorsement?