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  1. Is your showroom still located at Yishun?
  2. Hello guys, Anyone here can recommend me some good quality and reasonably priced sofas? Thanks!
  3. Just wanted to share my personal experience here. I recently got my new BTO flat with my husband and 5 year old daughter. Everything was going well for us and we were excited to move in. Before we started on the renovation works, we did the "Door Opening Ritual" as being told by my husband's parents. (Rolling of pineapple, sprinkled rice and salt on the floor and we also placed some offerings on the floor, as well as some joss sticks and candles.) After the renovation was done, we moved into our new home but little did we know that strange things started to happen after that. I started to hear strange sounds from corners of my house whenever i was alone at home with my daughter. My husband works on night shifts and i was alone with my daughter most of the time. Initially i tried to ignore the strange sounds and i thought that i was thinking too much.. or perhaps the sound that i heard was coming from my neighbours. Things started to get worse when my little daughter started to tell me she saw a "big sister" wearing in white, standing at a corner in our house, sometimes appearing in my room and sitting on my bed! My daughter would then ask me where does the "big sister" come from? Why is she in our house and i am not talking to her? I freaked out.. there was no "big sister" in our house! I told my husband about what our daughter saw and he also shared that on some occasions he felt his hair standing while he was trying to take his nap, even in broad daylight. On some other occasions, he would saw shadows flashing past him from the corner of his eye. We had an altar at home and a "Guan Yin Niang Niang" statue inherited from my late mum but it seemed like the spirit(s) in our house wasn't afraid of the deity although we have been praying everyday? How could that be possible? I was quite puzzled by this and this whole thing lasted for quite a few months until we felt that we couldn't take it anymore and decided to seek help. We also surveyed around but it was really hard to find a master that could help us. One of the master we found, who offered supernatural cleansing services wanted to charge us like $588??? We were lucky enough, my husband went around to ask his friends and we got introduced to this Taoist master that does supernatural cleansing for free. Yes, free. We invited him over to our house to take a look immediately. When the master arrived at our house, he felt that our house was very "Ying". This master has "阴阳眼" (3rd eye) and was able to see the female spirit hiding in our master bedroom. He started to perform the ritual and invited the female spirit to possess one of his disciple's body so they can negotiate with the female spirit. The master then asked the female spirit why was she in our house and she answered that she came over to our house because of the "offerings" that we placed on the ground before we moved in! Throughout the whole negotiation process, the female spirit was quite aggressive but my husband and i could tell that she was very afraid of the master. In the end, the master captured the spirit away and ensured us we will be safe from now on. After that, we got to know from the master that we had did the door opening ritual wrongly. 1) We shouldn't have placed the offerings on the floor and offered joss sticks and candles in the first place as this actually meant that the offerings are for spirits instead of deities. 2) We did not engage any professional master for auspicious date selection for our door opening ritual as we thought that by doing some research online, we could save that bit of money and hassle. 3) We did not pick any auspicious date for renovation works as well. The master told us this is very important as we might never know, if any of the renovation workers hurt themselves in our house during the renovation process as we are not there to monitor. And moreover, accidents will tend to happen sometimes and it is not within our control. It is also considered very "unlucky" if accidents do happen in the house before the owner shift in. 4) Although we had an altar at home, our "Guan Yin Niang Niang - Goddess of Mercy" was not being "Kai Guang" properly after we shifted house. The master told us that the spirits can enter our house though the "香炉“, especially if the deity statue has not been "Kai Guang" properly. 4) The master also advise us that the area we are staying in was actually a forested area previously hence it is easier to attract spirits and unclean stuff. Since what was being done cannot be undone, we asked the master if there is anything we could do to improve the situation as we do not want to have any more trouble and any other spirits from entering our house and disturbing us. The master advise us to "Kai Guang" our Goddess of Mercy deity properly and he also help to "cleanse" and "seal" our house by performing some rituals. We went ahead with it. Surprisingly, my husband actually strike 4D starter on the same day after the "Kai Guang" ritual was being done. But the main point was not about striking 4D. We just want to ensure our daughter is safe, our whole family is safe. My daughter also did not mentioned about any "big sister" anymore after the whole ritual was being done. We are really thankful for what the master did for us. Hope to share the story with the readers here so will not commit the same mistake as me and husband did.