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  1. Alustil Singapore's showroom has been relocated to 102 Towner Road Townerville Singapore 327826 since 01 Jul 2018. See you all at Towner Road Showroom.
  2. Join us on our official Instagram for the latest trends, ideas and inspirations. Be sure to follow us (IG: @alustilmy) and give us a shoutout there too! www.instagram.com/alustilmy #Alustil. OR Follow us at Facebook - alustil official. See you there!
  3. Hi d3n: Kompacplus could be use at Alustil kitchen cabinet. Thank you.
  4. Hi Mr. John, our showroom open from 10AM to 7PM daily, included Sat and Sun. For weekend, kindly make an appointment or call before visit us. Thank you.
  5. The new kitchen MOD3 is now display at our Singapore Showroom - 5 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-25 North Spring Bizhub Singapore 768161.
  6. New launched of Alustil MOD Series Kitchen 1 to 4, view at http://www.alustil.com.sg/html/products/kitchens/mod1/
  7. The answer is Aluminium Shoe Cabinet, fully aluminium built shoe cabinet.
  8. A wooden shoe cabinet? or An aluminium cabinet? or A combination between wood and aluminium material cabinet? ,
  9. Alustil

    Shoe Cabinet

  10. To know more about Alustil Premium Quality Aluminium Kitchen – Beginn. Let’s watch the video clip, The Designer Exclusive Interview. http://vimeo.com/93076006
  11. Alustil Singapore Pte Ltd We are the leading company specializing in aluminium materials, creating incomparable premium revolutionise quality, customisable kitchen cabinets and other storages, truly aluminium in style, is nothing like any conventional kitchen you’ve seen before. It all started with an idea of providing superior products, which can last for years and still looks stunning, different from other conventional manufacturers; we are envision to replace traditional materials with aluminium and glass. Apart from being different, aluminium was chosen for its many benefits that could solve setbacks traditional materials have. Aluminium is used because of its unique properties and environmental credentials. Its incredible strength and structure provides a more solid structure compared to wood. It is not just durable, but it is virtually care-free. Hence it adds to the long term value of the home. One of the common problems with wood-based cabinets is termite attacks. Aluminium, on the other hand, is termite-resistant, which makes aluminium much easier to maintain in the long run. Water can also wreak havoc on a wooden cabinet's outer shell, destroying the finish and blackening the wood. It can also cause structural damage that compromises the cabinet's usefulness. This is especially true for under-sink kitchen and bathroom wooden cabinets. Our water resistant aluminum cabinets is unaffected by water. Our aluminium kitchen cabinet is rust and corrosion-resistant, and water resistant, making the life of aluminium products very long lasting. In addition, aluminium does not burn, making it highly fire resistant. Also, some other wooden kitchen cabinets can off-gas formaldehyde and countless other chemicals for years after they have been installed. Our 'green' kitchen cabinetry is non-toxic and safer alternatives for better indoor air quality. Other than aluminium kitchen cabinets, we also offer aluminium storages like walk-in wardrobes, vanity cabinets, shoes cabinets to keep things systematically organised on the inside while enjoying the simple elegance on the outside. Also check out our article about kitchen and storage solutions at http://www.renotalk.com/articles/518/Amazing-Kitchen-and-Storage-Solutions-at-Alustil Feel free to call us if you are interested, we can provide free advice and quotation. Thank you. Alustil (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Showroom: 5 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-25 North Spring Bizhub, Singapore 768161. Tel / Fax: +65 6710 4510 / 8608 5660 Website: www.alustil.com.sg Email: info@alustil.com.sg
  12. Alustil