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  1. Is the price comparable to carpentry?
  2. If you're looking at the budget, go for Midea instead, China's home appliance giant. Very strong backing and bought over many Japanese and Korean manufacturer in China.
  3. I'm trying to picture what you're trying to say, please correct me if i'm wrong: 1. You're trying to change the water heat switch (i presume the switch is faulty?), but the wiring is too short for your liking. 2. The wiring to the switch may have come loose because it is too short? Maybe that's the reason why switch is faulty? Either way, it seems like you'll need to extend the wiring. If there's access, why not get yourself some connectors and extend the wires? See below.
  4. Actually vinyl is cheaper than laminate, flooring vinyl is meant to cover larger surface and if you get the vinyl directly from suppliers or distributors, it can go as cheaply as $1.30 psf. Whereas for laminate, it is used to cover bear wood surface and more for carpentry usage. Carpentry used to be very cheap and few years back was only $70 - $90 pfr, now with the variety of 'premium' laminates, you see carpentry prices skyrocketing to $270 - $290 pfr. The man hour to apply laminates is another factor as you'll need skilled carpenters with proper equipment to make sure the corners are seamlessly applied and rounded. For vinyl, simple penknife and steel rule will suffice.
  5. I'm actually a facilities manager by trade and am planning on DIY-ing my new flat. DIY in a sense to get my own contractors to help with the various works. The problem is with the hacking, you'll still need to apply for a HDB hacking permit. Then there's haulage and refuge because you can't just chuck the debris anywhere. Other than that, doing your own electrical, masonry, carpentry works shouldn't be an issue. Lastly is the timing, it will be very tempting to just complete a certain task, but you'll have to remember to stop the noisy wet/hot works by 6 pm, if not your neighbours will complain and you'll get into trouble with HDB.