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  1. We are so sorry for being offline for such a long time!!! Almost for 1 whole year! But thanks for Renotalk members support. We had received phone calls for jobs. Well, this is a fruitful year. So, we will try to be online as much as possible. As well as to showcase the works we have done. Please whatsapp with photos of the works you require, so that we can quote you accurately. Water Works Water Heater Replacement Storage Heater Tank Installation and Piping works
  2. Awesome Thread! 👏 From now on I will share this post with my clients. Moodboard is best done by new homeowners to have clarity and direction on empty space.
  3. We are awarded as official installer and plumber for Brayco Singapore. Brayco is a brand from Australia and is specialised in 304 Grade Stainless steel Products. You can surely find a product what is suitable for your kitchen. Super affordable - No middlemen. https://brayco.com.sg Tap and plumbing installation is a breeze with us. Proud owner of 991B Buangkok Link.
  4. Can be done. How many years old is your tiles? And how much are you looking to save?
  5. Sorry for not updating, new post on Commercial site. Replace driver for LED backlight.
  6. Dyson Vacuum cleaners are beautifully designed. But what makes the product complete is when the cleaner is placed on the docking station to charge. Excellent product. Suggested to pick a space where you can keep this vacuum cleaner subtle, and yet pleasant to look at when you spotted it.
  7. TV Mounting Fast, simple and reasonably priced. Cheers!
  8. Between Vinyl and Laminates. Usually laminates will always beat vinyls in terms of pricing. (Made in China Products) But some laminates are mid-high end. So without knowing your platform specs. Not easy to understand why is vinyl more expensive instead. Is there a specific look you wish to achieve? As for resistance factor. Yes, Vinyl is overall more resistant than Laminates. Vinyl is 100% Waterproof, Laminate isn't.
  9. Toilet Bowl Replacement Kio Sai Gang did Toilet Bowl hacking and fitted a new BTO Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl (we don't know how the owner sourced for this in it's pristine condition) Please PM for contact number or reply here for me to respond. Thanks for viewing!
  10. Introducing KIO SAI Gang, a group Singaporean Plumbing and Electrical professionals to settle your headache. Core Service - Whole House Electrical Wiring / DB Box / ELCB / Main Circuit Breaker / Switch Point / Power Plug - Ceiling Fan Installation - Hot / Cold water Pipe Installation - Pipe Leakage / Chokage fixture - Basin or Sink Chokage - Light and Heater Installation - Repair Toilet Bowl flushing system - Change and Install w/c Toilet Bowl - Tap change and install - Jacuzzi / Bathshell Installation Other aspects of renovation rectification also available. e.g: Plastering, Putty, Painting. We help you to break down your mountainous problem into small bits. We are experience in Renovation industry. Noticed there have been some disturbing trend of renovation defects and half done job. The worse we encountered were runaway (missing) contractors/ID. You guys have been enduring the poor workmanship, incomplete details in your house irks you. You always give a sigh whenever you see the defect. We are here to help. Don't drag any longer. The faster you solve your problem, the less stressful you'll be. Interested parties, PM please! Look forward to hear from you! Find and Like our Facebook Page 'KIO SAI'