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  1. It may not be wrong legally, but it may not be right ethically either. If you wish to DIY, use free websites that was set up to provide free info.
  2. Haha... just got a quote to modify the armrests to square type. If I don't get a buyer in 2 weeks, I'll modify them to make it look more comtemporary.
  3. You want one more or not, I sell to you haha...
  4. Hi Stralph, I don't use microwave. Rice cooker I'll put it on a separate stand at corner wall. I like to keep the work tops as clutter free as possible
  5. Haha Stralph, my colleagues also say the same thing. Everyone tell me the sofa ok what.. But I cannot sleep because of it ...
  6. Brand new, just delivered to me on 06 Sep 2014. I haven't moved in yet. But found it incompatible with my house. Bought this at $1800, micro-fiber engineered leather. Fire retardant, scratch resistant, no need to oil it regularly like normal leather, maintenance free and colour fast. 2.2m wide. Headrest is foldable and seat rest can be slide out to suit different thigh lengths. The construction is using top quality wood, as such the sofa is very heavy. Even when you slide out the seat rest to the max and sit right at the edge, the sofa doesn't tip forward unlike many others I tested. Selling at $1400, collect at Jurong West. For those who are moving house, can get your movers to quote in this piece and move for you as well. Please contact Dylan 97990213.
  7. Updated pics. So far I think the only place I like best is the kitchen whereby I had 3D drawing from Ronald to make accurate decisions. For the living room, the TV console was outsourced separately and sofa chosen by myself. If I had used the 3D drawing as a guide, I wouldn't be trying to sell off the sofa now