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  1. Hi All, Lelong! Lelong!! I am selling away my almost 1 yr old Scanteak Linear 3 Seaters sofa + extra cushion covers at $500. I bought the sofa at $1099 and topped up $250 for the additional cushion covers. The condition of the sofa is still very good (rating 8.5/10). You will need to arrange your own transport for this sofa. Please PM me if you are interested. Sofa dimension: 1980mm x 700mm x 640mm Reason for selling away: The length of the sofa is slightly too long for me. Going to get a shorter one. Here are some pictures of the current condition of the sofa: The extra cushion covers:
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    My contractor: Alan Tan @ 9889 2008 (Aian Furniture and Renovation Contractor)
  3. It is not Kraus sink... It is this one: http://www.inzwerkz.com.sg/MONIC%20SQM%20680 I bought it from Poh Joo for $350.
  4. Hi adrianh4rt, The sofa is from Scanteak. If I remember correctly, it cost about $1099.
  5. Hi aSteRuS, I did not personally source for the industrial switches. My contractor's electrician have these industrial switches. It should be very common and easily available. You may want to check with your ID/Contractor.
  6. Hi Saru, I am v sorry for the late reply as I seldom login to renotalk nowadays. I hope u have already received the posters. For my case, it was the expected delivery date + 1wk before I received my posters.
  7. No, I did not. I juz placed it on my tv console.
  8. U r gonna love ur sonos! I have the playbar, sub and two play3. Super duper love them!
  9. Recently found some websites selling interesting stuff. Thought of sharing it here. Wooden boxes/crates: http://www.65emall.com/Product/ProductList/All-563-566 Lightings (not as cheap as TB, more for those who need last min lightings purchase): http://www.65emall.com/Product/ProductList/All-601-605-All_price-All_availableDate-All-OnSaleDate-Desc?&page=1 Switch stickers: http://list.qoo10.sg/item/CUTE-SWITCH-STICKER-CUTE-LOVELY/413636806?sellerview=on
  10. Actually I just randomly googled for chalkboard pictures on and "copied" it onto my wall. I can copy very well. Hahahaha... An example of the picture I copied: http://downthatlittlelane.com.au/maggies-place/product/33727-mojito-recipe-typography-chalkboard-print
  11. Hi sherting, I don't have much update on the house actually. Hahaha.. But here are some other stuff in the house to show. A mistral fan which I saw in courts. I super duper like the look of it the moment I see it . Yup! I bought it because of the look. Hahahaha... Cost around $80+. Cannot remember the exact price. Magazine rack from Muji. I can't find it in Muji Singapore. And I bought this and carry all the way back from Muji in Taipei. Cushions from Comfort Design Singapore. I saw this in Taipei 101. Find it cute. Heehee.. Bought the display set as it was the last piece there. Lastly, more drawings on my chalkboard wall.
  12. Received the final bill from Alan today. Final amount is $43,350. Phew~ The amount is not very far from the initial quote I have. In fact, I have only make the initial payment of $20K about the time when the hacking was done. After that he did not collect any money from me until today. Haha.. He kept telling me if there is anymore rectification needed in future, just give him a call. He will send his people down. Nice contractor! My conclusion about Alan (Aian Furniture and Renovation Contractor): If you ask me will I engaged Alan again to do renovation in future if I buy a house again, my answer will be yes. As I mentioned before, I do not have any problem working with him. I just need to give him a simple description and he will usually know what I want. He will also provide advices on things which I cannot decide or is unsure of. He will tell me the pros and cons and let me make the decision. Sometimes he will also based on his past clients' renovation experiences and tell me what he thinks is best. Price wise, I think his quote is reasonable, except his aircon quote is on the high side. Haha! I find my own aircon contractors. They are Aron Putt and Ah Boon (quite famous in renotalk too). BTW, their aircon installation service is great and trunking are neatly run. Very recommended too! Alan will tell me when should I get my aircon contractor to run aircon piping/trunking and when to do final installation of the aircons. So no issue here. I am really glad that my renovation journey is smooth sailing from the beginning till the end. I really enjoyed the whole renovation process and the excitement every time I opened the door to check on the progress. And I am really really really very glad that my simple design turns out ok. Hahaha! After all, I am not a pro ID.