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  1. Thanks! I'm pretty sure it was drilled in, not too sure about HDB regulations though, my ID did not mention any
  2. Hi, it's from this company called Mansource interior. Got it from the IFFS earlier this year. They usually do export sales
  3. Hi Scmor, no leh so far I have not tried the tap there. Only been washing clothes so far. So far my other half has only been complaining about the pressure of the toilet flush.
  4. Hi AJ, About S$30K for the reno, shipping cost my first batch was about S$500, second batch about S$200. My track lights are 7 watts.
  5. Hi, my blinds are from a neighbor who does blinds. His name is Andy and contact number is 9182 8292.
  6. Laid out this rug that I got from Urban Outfitters and bought this coat rack from Grafunkt. Super expensive for a coat rack but super nice. I saw the DLM side table at Grafunkt too, going for about 300+. It's heavier than the one I got from taobao but I'm not complaining given that it's a tiny fraction of the original!
  7. Hellonub, I really wanted to put it up, but the husband really doesn't like it. Possible to take a picture and send me to have a look? Maybe I can show him and make him regret giving up the light hehe
  8. This is the link: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.2.9.253.HjBNSd&id=39916507775&_u=j20u0scn6a03 It's not wall-mounted yet, right now still leaning against the wall, which I quite like but we may wall-mount it in future as we plan to get pets.
  9. We did have to add one of those sticker to the bottom of one of the legs before it was fully stable, but small issue because the dining table is really awesome.
  10. Yes it is from July! heres the link: item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.2.9.282.XwOkyi&id=38589329963&_u=j20u0scn9632
  11. Hi Nickguthe, how did you manage to pump the bicycle tire? I bought the normal bicycle pump but cannot fit the tire.
  12. Platform bed installed How it looks now Wardrobe area Living room, not fully furnished yet, haven't hang up the clock or put all the accessories Sorry haven't taken a picture of the eames lounge chair from the front, but I've sat in it and so did other people and they all like the lounge chair! The quality seems quite good, it's supposed to be full leather and seems like it. I haven't seen an eames lounge chair in SG so I don't know what is the difference in quality, but I've asked from Comfort Design before how much it costs and theirs is like 1.2k or 1.5k, can't remember exact. So this chair for about 600 excluding shipping is worth it!
  13. Some WIP pictures last week Bedroom light installed Mild steel kitchen sliding door installed With the glass installed Super love this kitchen sliding door. It's one of my features in my house since I don't have a feature wall