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  1. Hi all!! i'm so sorry for not being able to reply. For the convenience of everyone, here's my contractor contacts: mr tan from hup eng contactor. His number is 9070 xxxx They are Hdb approved. Do quote my nick to ask him for better pricing k?
  2. So sorry for the late reply! Have been busy with work and new place and all! Will pm you all shortly!
  3. Yes, i have moved in. Renovation and moving house is such a tiring but yet rewarding experience! I look forward to seeing your pics on yr place when it is done up!
  4. Hi! less then 1k. Nope, it's a pull up storage with german made hydralics. Price less then 1k, this is a queen size frame. My masterbedroom is too small to fit a king size.
  5. Just pmed you~ Thanks for the compliments~~ PMed you too! My kitchen is siam teak laminate.
  6. Can~~ oh i undermount the 30" kraus sink. the kraus sink is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the finishing and the size and especially the depth! U bought ur sink even before your reno started?? Update: cant pm you as your mailbox is full.
  7. my tabletop is 3s white quartz top. stain easily though. not sure if it is supposed to be that porous.. wanted granite top but due to time constrains so i got 3s quartz instead.. =(
  8. For those looking to customise their storage bed, look for Joe at sincere furniture 6795 3630. v helpful and knowledgble guy. It's affordable and can adjust the height of the storage bed and colour and type of fabric used for the bed frame.
  9. My ac ceiling fans from crestar~~ For those looking at crestar fans, look for joyce direct at crestar singapore 6254 9483. She is very knowlegble and will help (i asked many many questions which she helped answer all.. hee)
  10. Thank you John! Steep learning curve along the way but thankfully, some people are willing to help and guide me along. Good luck in your reno journey! It will be a fruitful and rewarding one!
  11. Thanks! The length is 1.8m. paid about $300 as it was on sale! Cover for the sofa bed cannot be removed.. BUT you can get a super single fitted sheet to cover it! Best part coz you can choose any colour and any design! That is what i did as i have a toddler too!