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  1. i had recently engaged Leef for my renovation works. anyone who wish to know pls PM me...
  2. Hi Slannie, My ID told me that she need to earn & also warranty her works for 2 years.. so definitely need to mark up.. So we need to go thru the haste of communicating & liaising with the contractor ourself in order to save $$$
  3. Hi Mummychua, As my current flat is a corner unit hence i do not face the same problem as you. But for my mum's house, she installed iron grille for the living room & the rest alum grille for security purpose. If it fixed, you might faces cleaning problem later.. but normally i will wipe it only once a year before CNY... haha I choose white grille & so far i feel it easier to clean as compare to others. This is the old grilles, it had been used for 11 years & still looks ok... we changed it due to the gap size as we have young kids at home. This is the newly installed grille.
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  6. Hi Big Mouse, I am using New Harvest Aluminium Works - 9691 5029 (Mr A.B. Tang.) Had not installed yet so cant feedback regarding the workmanship.
  7. Hi Big mouse, The grille contractor quoted me $1200 (ID quoted me $2160) & throw in 1 free window which ID quoted me $480.. so total saving $1440....
  8. Thanks. Gotten a quote which is $960 cheaper than what ID quoted! Yet to install thus unable to provide any feedback regarding the workmanship.
  9. Hi, What is the price per sqft for grilles?
  10. Hi Guys, Please advice whether the work schedule is reasonable for renovating Kitchen & 2 bathroom for 5 room resale flat?
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  12. Hi bigrockshow, I am currently busy with the design for my renovation hence hold the purchase for the ceiling fan...
  13. Hi guys, Please help to advice which brand is good, quiet & suitable for big living room. What are the difference between 3 blades & 5 blades? There are too many brands & design in the market & i am kinda of confused. Thanks inadvance.