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  1. my vanity would be black solid surface. but, havent installed. Installing next week.
  2. anyone uses Hitachi CV-SH20B? http://www.hitachiconsumer.com/sg/products...=635&tid=71 we considering tis model.
  3. me too bought a granite blanco sink from Hoe Kee. Saw granite sinks at Poh Joo too. But lazy to go back and compared prices so got all the toilet/kitchen accessories at Hoe Kee.
  4. bluberi, mine rusty and was changed! mus change. else if cable really comes in, maybe cannot connet
  5. My unit was >5yrs old. I had 84 defects in total, including rusty SCV points, bomb shelter rubber lining flakey, rusty door knobs, hollow tiles, cracks, toilet leaks etc. all were replaced. Talk to ur TO. If not, talk to the STO. One word of advise, write in, make it black and white. U bought a unit that has defects and u end up paying conservancy fees for an unit tat u hv not even stayed in. gd luck
  6. House Type - Executive, SengKang Size - 128 sqm Is there any diff b/w Executive Apartment and Executive Unit?
  7. hmm, I am really deliberating between Serta and Simmons. Anyone have any comments over the 2?
  8. hi hi, anybody used rain shower with citygas central heater? (it's not an instant heater, yet not a storage heater....) chewy
  9. hi beargoh Where is the store? --> "beside the famous Sungei Rd Laksa store in Jalan Berseh.." haha, I dunno famous laksa store lei do u still hv the store address from reciept? *sorry for trouble* chewy
  10. any one bought king koll sofa before?
  11. hi hi, hmm do you think if we go thru ID to make our railings for house, would it be more expensive? (somehow i think, but of coz rite... ) but save hassel. hiak hiak. chewy