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  1. Hi everyone, my wife and i have finally settled down at our new place in Jun 2014 . Once again, we would like to thank Kevin in helping us on the entire reno process, especially in the selection of our furniture to match our theme. Attaching some pictures below of our flat completed with furnishing.
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  3. A nicer picture of the Dining Area. Will upload the photos of rm in the next 2 weeks
  4. Hi everyone, I believe this is the case of one bad incident whereby we shouldn’t penalise the entire company for it. Let me share with you on our wonderful renovation journey with Kevin from Defong from Nov 2013 – April 2014. We have signed up with Kevin from Defong ID in Nov 2013 after sourcing around several ID and contractor firms in late 2013. This is actually from a common friend referral (Michael76 on page 5 of this forum) I need to confess that we were pretty sceptical on his initial quotation as we consider it to be on the mid-range high side. However after doing some research, we gathered that most of the ID companies or contractor firms which we have been to did not have a proper breakdown of items. This was confirmed again as I noticed that most of their quotations received has costs either summed up together (ie ceiling, plumbing and masonry works for whole house) or essential items (electrical and installation works) missing in the quotations which I would consider them as ‘hidden cost’ after you have signed up the contract. On the other hand, the quotation that was provided by Kevin from Defong was very ‘clean’ and easy to comprehend (for an amateur like us) with all the costs of the individual works clearly defined. The various electrical works and all other installation costs are all indicated in his quotation which explains the reason why it was on the mid-range high side. Working in a finance Industry, I was pretty impressed of the clarity of his quotation and decided to meet up with him in mid Nov 2013. After the first meet up with him, the quotation list was revised several times (adding and removing items) over the two weeks. However, Kevin was always quick to send me the latest version via email within the next few hours. I was pretty amazed at his rapid response rate over email and on Whatapps on the various questions posted to him (He is always reachable even till today after handover). My wife and i have decided to follow my heart/instinct and sign up with him on the second session after observation of his qualities (knowledge, time management skills and fast response rate which I think are essential for an ID) The renovation started in late February 2014. During the entire process, we were unable to monitor the renovation progress due to work commitment and the arrival of my first baby. However, Kevin was always constantly updating me on the progress with photos and text messages. There were many issues encountered during the renovation which he is always quick and able to resolve. Simply a call or message, he is super responsive to our additional requests and problems. Overall, I am pleased with the workmanship and the design which he has done in our BTO unit at Yishun Greenwalk. To conclude, engaging Kevin from DeFong has indeed made our first renovation experience really a pleasant one. Do look for Kevin if you are interested in getting him as your ID. Living Rm Picture 1 Living Rm Picture 2 Dining Area with Tiles wall 3 Display Cabinet in Living Rm Living Rm Picture Living Rm Picture Shoe Rack Kitchen Pic 1 Kitchen Pic 2