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  1. Hi cldt2006 & Maid, I'll try to look in my archives for it. Never knew this thread would be alive till now.
  2. If I recall my previous projects correctly, the formal process of constructing a roof terrace is as follows. 1. MCST Approval Approval must be sought from MCST to construct as the roof top terrace may impact the external facade or building outlook. 2. URA (http://www.ura.gov.sg/homeowner/stratatitled-buyproperty.htm#4) As the strata title locks in the GFA of your unit, any roof terrace should not incur an increase in GFA. There are several ways of avoiding the increase in GFA. a. install a open to sky roof trellis with a retractable awning over it. b. Construct a roof terrace butting against a wall to a maximum of 2m overhang. c. Construct a 4mx4m covered pavillion on the basis that 2m overhang from edge of roof to wall for roof terraces are exempt from GFA. Therefore a 4mx4m covered pavillion is similar. d. cbuy an umbrella. Of course, items (a), (b) or © will require URA submission by the Architect and is subject to approval from the Planner on a case by case basis. Alternative if the Condo development has GFA to spare, (highly unlikely), you can apply to purchase it from MCST and revise your strata title. 3. BCA A roof terrace is defined by BCA as "Building works carried out for or in connection with any single storey trellis, pergola, shelter, gazebo and the like." Thus no submission is required. Hope this helps you out.
  3. Consider getting a composite sandwich panel (ie metal roof with insulation as a single panel), I previously had issues with some of my client's projects where the roof was not installed properly. (rockwool insulation not tightly packed to the metal roof thus poor noise insulation) I suspect this is the way the industry is heading, though at the moment, the standing seam seems to be the most fasionable choice.
  4. Hi, Usually I ask the structural engineer involved to recommend a CoW. Typically for A&A projects, the CoW is there to supervise casting of concrete so best to get one that has worked with the structural engineer before. $2000+ is not unreasonable for a CoW, salaries have been rising. However, if you have a floor plan showing the extent of structural work, I probably could give a better guestimate. If the engineer is cannot recommend one, you could try TEC2 Resources. I'm currently engaging them for a semi-d A&A project of about $600k
  5. You could try www.legate.com.sg Look for Leslie Got a quotation from him for one of our jobs. His price is reasonable.