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  1. Hi there My ID also has contacts for curtain. Let me know if you are interested..
  2. Hi I have used Classic twice on my kitchen design (once about 10 yrs ago and now just completed a new one). Their material and workmanship is pretty good, my old kitchen lasted throughout the 10 yrs we have used them without any problems with parts and hinges. We even used them to do bedroom wardrobes 10 yrs ago.
  3. Hi My keyphone is a Panasonic system, and I can call and transfer calls to other rooms in the house. At the gate, there is a cam to view the visitor. When he presses the bell, I can on the LCD ( separate one) to view who is outside and then activate the gate opening. If I pick up throu the phone upstairs, I can verify who it is before activating the gate opening, but the phone cannot see the visitor.
  4. are u just doing an autogate system with new gate, or will it include CCTV, Alarm, keyphone system (which can activate the gate opening) etc.. My whole gate and alarm system was done by a nice guy called Andy. If you need, pm me for his contact.
  5. I have major A&A on my semiD just completed, which lasted more than 10 mths. It is exhausting but also fulfilling in that we get to design the house to fit our living style and each room is reno to the individual's taste. All in all, our family has been extremely happy living in the house now.
  6. My whole house uses Daikin. 12 compressor, 18 FCU. So far no problem. My AC contractor (he did my previous house 10 yrs ago) rec Daikin saying svc and parts is ok.
  7. howdy not sure if I am late, my architect was pretty good, and she has her own construction firm and also ID firm. If u need, pm me.
  8. hey guys when u do ur autogate, remember to have the photo beam sensor in case ur gate is closing and ur car or something is still in the way. otherwise the gate will close on the object and will spoil the gate and the object. For those with small animals like cats, make sure the sensor is low enough to detect them.
  9. howdy, my semi-D was almost completely A&A done, GFA went up to 5.5k sqft. I engaged a firm that has architect, contractor and ID services all under 1 roof. pricing is not so cheap but the headache of juggling betw all the contractors is worth it. All in took bout 10 mths to complete, and I can say I am very satisfied with the work and quality.
  10. My A&A reno was done with architect first who will list out all that you want to do, then get quote from contractor. I think using architect may seem extra but the architect can give lots of suggestions and advice and in the long run may be more worth it.
  11. Mine comes with alarm, motion sensor, autogate system and gate (sliding and full chengai wood) and keyphone system which can open gate. slightly less than 15k.
  12. ur 750k is a good price but how long is it going to take? if ur builder is small, they may face rising prices and then later part of the work they may start delaying or shortchanging u. As mentioned by some bros here, better get a reliable one or get perf bond. Does ur quote include any ID work? If not u gotta budget another sum to have ID done, like kitchen cabinets, cupboards, curtains etc.. All the best on ur new project
  13. Attic floor can be RC or timber depending on costs and load. As for the roof, it is now more common to be steel as it allows for more space utlisation in the attic, as against the normal tile roof. Supporting struture can be reinforced beams from the ground up together with steel I beams.
  14. Hi My sympathy to you. Sorry to ask but at such a high price, shouldn't you have enlisted the services of a qualified architect to do all the initial planning work and drawings, and then to get 3 quotes? Does your contract provides for mistakes made and penalties? Your setback from the front - is it the 7.5m allowed? Perhaps you should seek advice from a QP or architect if your main con is not so qualified. Once again sorry to hear of your plight. I am in the midst of getting my plans submitted for a re-con so I hope mine will be smooth.
  15. Hi need advice from gurus like MaCe. I got keys for my rental house, but will only move in around June. However need to go in to clean and do stuff there and also start moving some small items there. One FS fren says initial moving no need to do all the actual Kai Men stuff, just choose good time to go and start cleaning. Only actual moving in then do the full works. Is that true? Rgds B