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  1. Bought a red colour display set KitchenAid mixer at $559, never used before. Have to be there at 10am on the first day.
  2. Hi, how much do they charge per month? Thanks
  3. Hi,

    I think shawn must have return to KL for the long weekend, or u want to leave me your contact and I get him to call u? Sorry about it

  4. hi victor,

    thanks for the info. but i cant get thro the phone for shawn nor the phone indicate on the web page for mint studio. any idea?

  5. Hi, Any bro or sis where can get nice outdoor wooden furniture for balcony? Thanks in advance
  6. Mine come with all the contacts for doors and windows and motion detectors inside the house from ADT, believe if u bargain hard, they can give u more. At first the ADT guy came and said only include this and that, but after I told him that I am comparing with others security company, he throw in everything. As for video monitoring, I bought my own system and night vision cameras from Sim Lim and installed it during construction, its connected to my broadband internet and I can monitor anywhere and anytime that i like, so dun need to pay any fee.
  7. Hi, I installed my alarm system with ADT, all equipments are FOC, they only charge monitoring fee of around $50 per month for 3 years contract.
  8. All three toilets of us are layed with marbles from Polybuilding, its certainly look like hotel
  9. We bought our marbles from Polybuilding as they have quite a big range.
  10. I signed up with ADT as they provided all the equipements and installation free, only need to pay for monthly monitoring fee of $48 for 3 years. One morning i accidently opened my main door to collect the newspaper without deactivating the alarm and they called back instantly, kind of please with their services.
  11. Just to share, i did enquired at Choo Qiang Marketing, their one box of Cat 6 cable (300 meters) cost around $80, dun know which brand.
  12. I just went in JB yesterday to buy total of 4 KDK fans for my new house, price is RM$580 for the latest 60" and RM$480 for the latest 54", heard from the shop owner that KDK going to increase price as they are selling like hot cakes, better buy fast.
  13. Hi, just to share, i got a quote from ADT regarding their wireless alarm system, initially he said the system is free, except for the looping for the sliding windows, which cost $120, need to pay $48 per month for 3 years, then i told him OC want me to check with other companies, he changed his mind and said free system, dun even have to pay for the looping, will sign up with ADT this weekend. Cheers
  14. Bro, like to ask what is good about Hong Tar? Thanks