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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a KDK ceiling fan for my living room. Do you have a catalogue for that? Please pm me if you have. Thanks!
  2. Hi Xiej0007, Can PM me your id and his contact as well? Thanks!
  3. Hmmm. What my ID counter offer me is to help me look for similar tiles which we like from Hafary... but I'm not too sure how much I need to top up. Anything, anyone try to bargain with your ID to minus off the amt from quotation if the tiles is less than the agreed amt? (e.g. the tiles quoted is $3/sqf but the one you choose is $2.50)
  4. Hi All, Anyone have their renovation done by 9 Creation before? I was wanting to get my tiles from Lian Seng Hin as I prefer the simple selection and for similar simple tiles, it cost much cheaper than Hafary, but I was told the company can only get their supply from Hafary. Please advise if anyone managed to get their tile from any supplier other than Hafary. Thank you!