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  1. Hi ppl, just to check normally for reno,you will go for the 3d drawing first than tiles selection or tiles selection than 3d drawing. Please advice
  2. Hi ppl, had anyone engaged dezign culture before? Mind share your experience and review on this ID firm? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi People, mine is a 3rm resale corner unit about 82sqm. Basically is a revamp for the whole house, don't mind please advise me if this quotation is it reasonable。 Demolition and Masonry work -$3390~Hack off existing wall < 9 ft"L" and make good at between living and MBR. - $630~Hack existing wall and make good at master toilet. < 6 ft"L" - $480~Supply labour & material to lay floor tiles at main entrance 2 step area. $ 240~Construct new wall at store room.<5 ft"L" $400~Construct the L-shape wall at between living and MBR. < 15.5"L" $ 1240 ~Hack off existing wall & make good at between living and kitchen. < 6 ft"L" -$400 Door work-$4160 ~Supply & install veneer door ( hollow ) c/w door knorb (SKL 18) & stopper for MBR, B2,store - $1140~Supply & install wooden door frame. < 3 ft"L" x 7 ft"H" x 4 nos x $280.00/no -$1120 ~Supply & install main door ( Fire rated Door ) c/w door knorb (SKL 11) & stopper.< 3ft"L"x7ft"H" -$1350~Supply & install wrought iron main gate. < 3 ft"L" x 7 ft"H" - $550 Carpentry work-$9665~Supply & install altar cabinet in laminate finish c/w ABS trimming. < 4 ft"L" -$1120~Supply & install study table in laminate finish. < 4 ft"L" -$480 ~Changing solid surface table top to granite table top at kitchen.<10 ft"L"(Top up $50.00/ft run) - $500~Additional granite ( black galaxy ) table top. ( total: 12.5ft"L" - 10ft"L" = 2.5 ft"L" x $130/ft run) - $325~Additional kitchen cabinet in laminate finish c/w ABS trimming.(total 25 ft"L"- 20ft"L"< 5 ft"L" ) -$600~Supply & install tall cabinet in laminate finish c/w ABS trimming. < 3 ft"L" -$900~Supply & install sliding wardrobe in laminate finish c/w Aluminium frame at MBR.< 9.5 ft"L" -$2660~Supply & install TV console c/w feature wall in laminate finish. < 5 ft"L" _$1400~Supply & install shoes cabinet in laminate finish c/w ABS trimming ****. < 9 ft"L" x 3 ft"H" - $1080~Supply & install vanity cabinet in laminate finish at master toilet. < 3 ft"L" -$360~Supply & install solid surface table top at master toilet. < 3 ft"L" -$240 Plastering work-$1550~Plastering the internal wall & ceiling. -$1550 Miscellaneous works_$800~Provide sand , haulage service, up loading goods.- $800 Window works-$3160 ~Supply & install aluminium casement window ( silver colour ) for living, kitchen, MBR, B2. -$1800 ~Supply & install louver window for 2 bathrooms.-$380 ~Supply & install aluminium sliding window grills ( silver colour ) for living, kitchen, MBR. B2. -$980 Ceiling work and lightning wiring-$3795 ~Supply & install L-box c/w false ceiling at MBR. -$650 ~Supply & install L-box ceiling **** and dining. -$780~Lighting point. $35.00/no x 33 nos -$1155~Loop point. $25.00/no x 22 nos -$550~Labour to install PLC light and T5 light. $12.00/no x 55 nos -$660 Additional work-$3930~Supply & install L-shape gypsum board partition ( 2 face ) at MBR. < 9 ft"L" x 7 ft"H" - $810~Supply & install U-box beam with gypsum plaster board c/w plywood at bottom.< 9ft"L"x 1ft"H" -$300~Changing laminate flooring to vinyl flooring at MBR and B2. -$720 (top up)~Supply & install 10 mm tempered glass shower screen at master toilet. < 5 ft"L" -$550~Supply & install 2 nos of 10 mm tempered glass sliding c/w top track and aluminium cover . -$1550 Package -$18888~Interior design and space planing lay-out. ~2D design concept consultation ~3D perspective drawing. ~Material and colour proposal. ~Job site co-ordination and supervision. ~Project management. ~Application of HDB permit. ~Hack off existing floor tiles for living, dining, store.~Hack tiles skirting & make good at MBR, B2. ~Hack off existing floor and wall tiles for kitchen.~Hack off existing floor and wall tiles for master bathroom.~Hack off existing floor and wall tiles for common bathroom.~Dismantle existing kitchen cabine ( N/A) changing to dismantle 3 nos doors c/w door frame.~Dismantle existing toilet bowl,bathroom accessories,instant heater,shower screen at 2 toilet ~Lay homogeneous floor tiles c/w skirting for living, dining and store.~Overlay the laminate flooring at MBR and B2. ~Lay homogeneous floor tiles for kitchen and 2 bathrooms. ~Lay ceramic wall tiles up to ceiling height for kitchen and 2 bathrooms HDB R P ~Construct 50mm hgt cabinet base with tiles skirting. HDB R P ~Construct 50mm hgt washing machine base with tiles finish. HDB R P ~Construct 50mm hgt fridge base with tiles finish.~waterproofing membrance at kitchen and 2 bathrooms.~Supply & install stainless steel rubbish chute.~Contruct the door kerb at 2 bathrooms.~Supply & install aluminium bi-fold door at 2 bathrooms. ( < 3 ft"L" x 7 ft"H") ~Supply & install new stainless steel pipe for whole house. ( cold water point )~Install inlet & outlet pipe for kitchen sink, wash basin x 2 toiles , washing machine.~Labour to install 2 nos of sitting toilet bowls.~Labour to install kitchen sink & water tap.~Labour to install 2 nos of wash basins and water taps.~Labour to install 2 nos of instant heater.~Labour to install 2 nos of shower mixer.~Labour to install 2 nos of spray jet. ~Supply & paint the internal wall & ceiling with nippon paint. ( vinilex 5000 ) ( 5 colour )~Supply & paint the door frame, main door , doors & PVC pipe with nippon paint. corrugated paper to protect new flooring.~Chemical c/w general wash for whole house flooring.TOTAL: $49338 Thanks for viewing.
  4. Hi peeps, normally how long is the warranty for renovation aka after sales service was given by the ID, dont mind please share here. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi ppl,am i able to get 2 bank loan for 1 renovation? Because i'm the only one working as my wife not working due she need to take of the kids. My monthly income is about 3.2k. Do advice me. Thanks
  6. Hi fellow forumners,browsing through the forum , notice a lot of the forumner get their items from Taobao for their new homes,care to share the experience? So when buying things from taobao, how you guys ensure that those things , e.g like sink , lightings , water tap , showering items can fit into your house ? needa check with your ID or contractor? Do enlighten me. Thanks in advance
  7. WOW, Nicely done up. I also just gotten key for my new 3rm flat, got exactly same floor plan as well. Care to share with me ur ID ctc?
  8. Hi Ivy, don't mind can pm the list of good and bad fsm as well. My Email Mjunatic@gmail.com Thanks in advanced