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  1. Hi all, needed some advise. I'm planning to get some lights from USA but I'm not too sure if there will be any problem with the voltage / watt . I understand that electrical items from USA mostly run on 120V but I'm not too sure is it the same case with lights. Appreciate if anyone can advise me. TIA.
  2. oh.. only a few units in dat area.. you eyeing on it ?
  3. Is the EM @ Bedok Reservior listed on the balloting also? I don't see any..
  4. you are so lucky!! we hope we got a gd queue # but however our biggest problem is the history of the flats.. i oso tot of asking ard but maybe the neighbours might think im crazy.. lolx.. Thanks for your advise!
  5. hey.. im new here.. i jus applied for the RP flats for the Aug opening.. may i know before we go down for the appointment, do you all go down and view those units which you all shortlisted? and do you ask around the neighbours? i'm kinda scared that those houses are either kanna loan shark or worst.. some 'dirty' thing.. -_-"