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  1. Hi fiona, I did grills, however it was part of my reno.. their designs are hdb-approved.. so it gd to check with them too.
  2. Yup.. time really flies.. seems like just moved in
  3. Hi Ling, Yup, non-master bedroom.. Does the rate include Air-Con? Thanks thanks
  4. Hehe Ling, the mahjong table also not heavy.. So u play mahjong like every day
  5. Hi all neighbours, I intend to rent out one of my rooms in my 4 rm flat.. not the Master Bedroom.. Wonder if anybody have rented any of your rooms yet... and how much is the rate for doing so..? Anybody also know the standard rate and what is included etc? Thanks for the help
  6. Hi Ling, I bought my Mahjong table at Kim Tian Road there.. very near Or you can borrow from me if u want to use it..
  7. Hi, Yup, I received the PM, will find my quotation for you.
  8. Hi, So it's 26D right? Which floor is it? Coz so far staying there didn't hear anything hmm..
  9. Hi Purple, Yup, time passes fast Anyway hopefully you can solve your reno problem soon.. if you need any help feel free to ask, we are more than glad to help
  10. Oh.. coz they were talking bout unit #164 which happens to be the unit I am in.. so I thought it's my block 26D
  11. Hi Purple, Yup, time really flies, we actually stayed there more than a year liao.. close to 1 1/2 years.. still remembered that time when we were all still waiting for keys.. then reno etc.. Both my wife and I are great.. and we really enjoyed the stay here.. coz mostly is the convenience.. and with great and helpful neighbours too How come the renovation for your home take so long? Were there any problems? Hope you can move in soon too and be part of the estate.. everything will go smoothly for u Hope to see your new reno place if possible keke..
  12. I am from Blk 26D, but didn't hear any bark.. maybe coz I usually leave for work later.. or my level is higher
  13. Hi Happy, I usually keep my broom and mop at the small space near my washing machine, the pails will be under my kitchen sink. The detergents will be at a table beside the washing machine for easy use when need to wash clothes
  14. Hi all, Long time didn't come in too Realised have stayed here for more than a year already.. time really flies So far the stay is great! Hope to have a chance to know more neighbours though Btw, I always keep my shoes inside my home, even if I have visitors, I will inform them to put their shoes inside instead of outside Even if dirty I can always clean it up later.. better than having missing shoes
  15. Have PM u the contact Hehe, I must be too greedy... went down at 12 to eat the free lunch