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  1. Im sorry to say i jus find gg for packages introduced by any firm is just a waste of time n ALOT of hidden cost... first thing the materials that is permitted within the packages are low end and limited. So if u wan a lil better must add money... a budget of 30K is workable... im nt representing any id or contractor firm. Im also waitin for key collection appointment... been walkin around alot for id n contractor... have yet t0 confirm with any... bt my advice is... once they advertise the package deal... walk away as its jus a gimmick to make u come in. Once in they will start cutting ure throat... Gd luck...
  2. Thanks ILJ Hmmm bose is a good brand i suppose... will sure hunt for that brand when i am gg to buy... 😁
  3. Wow... thank u for the very informative reply... initially i had the idea for the inceling speaker as i tot it would be special and look more stylish n professional as the speakers r hidden bt i failed to consider the quality of the sound system... thank u so much for ure input... will sure heed ure advice n check out the antjony gallo micro set b4 i decide anything... ny budget is 3k max for whole system...
  4. Hi storm, For the brandin wise the sales person offered me a mixture between the speakers,amplifiers and also subwoofer... i did not too much further in detail as i have not confirm anythin with him bt if i remember clearly he did say d in ceiling speakers will be "onkyo" As for the function wise i jus wana have more cinematic experience and would like to have the speakers hidden in the ceilings instead of having the ones that are mounted on the walls n those bulky ones on the floor. Care to comment or advice.
  5. Hi all... im moving in to my flat soon and thinkin of installing the in ceiling speakers to my hall mbr and one room... during my visit to adelphi,one sales man qouted me 6 in celining speaker one sub woofer and one amplifier at abt 2.5k for my hall... Can i knw if this is reasonable n if theres pros and cons to installing them? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi lindakss can u send me ure contractor contact and also the qoutation... to Lone1_1985@hotmail.com Thanks
  7. Hi, have any1 engaged any1 from "*** Pte Ltd"... saw them at EXPO in oct 2014... still considering to engage for my new home project. can any1 share their experience here... thanks in advance
  8. hi Lovescandi, can i have the contact for your contrator... pls email it to Lone1_1985@hotmail.com thank you...