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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently using city gas heater (installed at service yard) There is a power socket for it installed beside it. Thus i do not use both the water heater switches pre-installed outside the mbr and common toilet.. In this case, am i able to utilize the both switches to install applicances (ie ventilation fans) since the wires are already lay out (for instant/storage heater)? Anyone installed city gas heater too? and has uses for the unused water heater switches? Thanks thanks!
  2. Hi bro, Can i ask something? Do you have price for FANCO FFM7000 (without light)? (with remote and wall regulator) Bro, some technical qns, Can i use both wall regulator and remote together to control it? Or i can only choose either wall regulator or remote (Choose 1 to control it)? Cause i scared that if the remote circuit is faulty, then that means even i turn on the main switch, i also cant Turn on the fan.... BUT if there is also a wall regulator, at least i still operate it. Thanks!