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  1. Hi All, How much does it usually cost to relocate a TV point? Just to move it forward into the build-in cabinet. Thanks.
  2. Hi All, I am doing HDB full height cabinet with cornice. My contractor suggested 14cm (H) by 14cm (W). I find this too thick. I would like to find out from those who has done it what is the typical thickness of the cornice? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Alvin. ID sometimes has his agenda to do some tasks first, not purely based on logic.
  4. Hi All, Please share with us what is the recommended sequence of work for a typical hdb renovation project. I was thinking: painting, window grill, air-con, cabinet. My ID proposed doing the window grill first. But I feel that the paint job should be first. Then, touch up paint again after every finished. Any views welcomed. Thanks.
  5. This online shop sells a variety of household products from water heater, hob, hood to tv. They do have a local office but no showroom. Have anybody gotten anything from them? Please share your experience. Thanks.
  6. Please PM me the name of the ID. I am thinking of using them. Thanks.
  7. Dear All, I wish to find out if the cost of extending the gas piping and connecting to the hob is borne the home-owner? Roughly, what are the charges to extend the piping and do the connection by City Gas? Thanks.
  8. Dear All, I am seeking quote to mainly do carpentry work for the kitchen, living & bed rooms. I wish to understand if the following payment terms and conditions are normal and acceptable? The way I look at it is the ID has already collected 90% of the payment after the cabinet measurement. The ID explained that his carpenter will demand payment to buy the material before starting the carpentry work. Do you think this is fair? What are the payment terms that your ID laid out? Thanks. 1 Upon signing up this contract 15%2 Upon commencement of works 40%3 Upon measurement of carpentry work 35%4 On completion of works 10% N.B Compensation of 30% would be expected for any cancellation after signing the contract.We hereby agree and confirm acceptance of the price, layout terms and conditions statedabove by signing on the space provided below- by a 1st time home buyer