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  1. Hi!! Haven't been updating since! But i've moved in and tested my bed and happy to report that no knocking head on ceiling, no feeling like sleeping in coffin and it's our best investment yet! This is how it looks like. Well now there's 5" memory foam mattress, gaming cockpit and dressing table under the bed. Will update with proper photos soon !!!
  2. hello! Looks like your house is going to turn out great!! =D will frequent your t-blog for updates haha !
  3. Of shower screens & doors... After unveiling the flooring, the shower screens for the two bathrooms were then fitted. As of today, the bathroom accessories and heater are yet to be installed. Therefore I am unable to post pics on it however, it will be done by end of the week. Nothing fancy about our bathrooms. We left it the way it is, with the exception of the shower screens and caged lamps. Soon after, the contractors from PD Doors came to fit our bathroom doors! The doors are COOL! I'd love to install the louvered PD doors but they're so expensive It'll soooo go with everything in the house. But oh well, these will do. Hahaha It took them a total of 10-15 minutes to install the doors. Super precision measurement lol. No frills, and easy to use (still, i think have to teach guests how to use them) Husband and I are both happy we got the PD doors instead of bifold. We've bad experiences with bi-fold doors - they're so easy to break. I hope the PD doors will not be the same though but.. Still happy ! hahaha Last but not least, Our solid wooden bedroom door - my mum was so in love with it she said it made our house look 'English' especially cause of the border tiles. (she loves english vintage themed houses) **let's just say it became what you call a positive fusion** I hope mum will love the lights tho The door frames are going to be painted black. Will update once availableeee.
  4. The Unveiling of our house flooring.. for my husband and i, it's so unique - simple but nice.. the pictures I took are not doing it justice. So our ID took out the corrugated paper to chemical wash the flooring. Finally, we get to see our flooring - and boy are we in love. It's our first home, first reno and all from scratch. We're pretty happy with the progress. It may not be all "WOAH" to many, but to us, this is home. This is what we've been waiting for. & it's beautiful. (but of course it's subjected; we might be bias because it's ours hehe) Without further ado: Our Flooring ( **please excuse the airfryer photobombing** The grouting is actually darker and grey in colour however due to the chemical wash, the grout colour came off as well hence our ID, Rae, told us that he will be touching up on the grouting. Sorry if i take bad pictures haha. I'm not sure if it's the first of its kind - border flooring like this. But I haven't seen it anywhere else .. either that OR I didn't google enough. However, we believe that somehow, it is the first of its kind. (Please Correct us if we're wrong ) and since I haven't seen any example of something like it, my husband and I are very glad it turned out as we had envisioned; i'd like to say we find it unique. Our humble abode isn't "showroom" kind, we like it to remain simple and not cluttered; therefore our flooring and lights will have to play a huge part to make it work.. oh and our furnitures too!
  5. Hi Brian, thanks for the compliment!! For the flooring, initially we wanted cement screeding but we didn't go with it instead we got the cement coloured tiles from hafary and my husband saw the italian print tiles - we know usually the tiles are used for a certain feature floor or one stretch down to hall from room walkway so we decided to do it differently - my husband said "why not put it as border?" & our ID also sat with us to intensively discuss on how we want to use the printed tiles. My ID, Rae, told us we should go with using it as border as per my husband's suggestion and even drew up the idea for visualization. so there you go =) For our master room: We saw a picture of a loft bed in 2011 while googling for customized bed and that idea was stuck with us till now haha.. the idea of it excites us and in addition, due to the lack of space in the room we thought it's brilliant! We couldn't find any example and forgot where we saw the pics - hence we told our ID about our idea of loft bed for our room.. and that's what he designed for us =) For my kitchen, this is my mood board : Flooring Mood board:
  6. Hi! Thanks for the compliment!! Unveiling soon! hehe Haha, i'd like to think that he's been adopted by a good family who doesn't want to give him up... because i searched everywhere and no sign of him...but it's ok maybe one day we'll meet again..=)
  7. Hello! Well yes, due to the height, we compromise on the height below the bed (which is 1.5m) so to access the gaming / study area, we've to bend down a bit. But once we're seated, it's ample space. As for our mattress, we are getting the 5" foam mattress from SleepMed. The area on top is enough for us to sit up on the mattress.
  8. Hi! Thanks! I'm still not over it though... =( Anyway thanks for reading, i havent been updating cause been busy haha but fret not, i'll be updating shortly.
  9. When the cold wind blows...part 2 2nd installation! My husband went to supervise for the 2nd installation. That's Scott! So after he was done with the installation i asked him several questions over whatsapp and I will share it with you guys so that we all gain knowledge together =) I might ask questions that might sound stupid (but hey someone has got to ask stupid but legit questions hehe) Me: How do we determine the size of the copper pipe. According to some people, the G22 is big hence need bigger trunking or something like that? Scott: Hi!, Actually we can't differentiate G22 and G23, the size almost the same and trunking also same but G22 quality is harder and it can accept high pressure from compressor, not easy to gas leak. Normally G22 will use for condo or those property need to conceal inside wall. Picture below is what he meant. You'd have to be superhuman to be able to identify 0.10mm difference just by looking at it. Me: Very informative thanks. So it is also common for hdb to use G22 as well? Scott: Hmmm.. no, now some contractor still use G23 cause G22 is more expensive. For HDB, some contractors will still use G23 because HDB cannot do wall conceal, if let say one day gas leak, it's easier to re-pipe however if condo gas leak, then will be headache, need to hack the wall and repiping = many jobs. (He's explaining why some contractors will use G23 as primary choice for HDB cause repiping is easier.. in case of gas leak etc.. however they use G22 as the only choice for condos due to it's Ma-Fan-ness) Me: I see, so mine use G22 is more than enough (and the best already)? Just to make sure it'll save me some (if not alot) of inconvenience in case of gas leak, sweating etc. Scott: G22 is the best, no other copper pipes better than the G22. If you ask (if) it's possible to gas leak, i'll answer you yes BUT only 1% chance. (which means, please ! Aircon Maintenance is important) Me: How long after install air-con should i start servicing? Scott: Normally I will suggest to my customer for NEW Aircon at least twice a year. The 2nd year will be 3 times a year. Me: Oh ya! Last qns! What's the purpose of the black tape on insulation? Scott: The insulation is not long enough so we need to use 2 insulations to join together, and that's how normally insulations are being joined. Using black tapes . Don't worry =) Thanks Scott for the great service and deal! I hope the Q & A helps those who're considering to install air-con. Sharing is indeed Caring
  10. WHEN THE COLD WIND BLOWS.... My initial plan was to get the Mitsubishi Inverter System 3. So i scoured the internet and found Tim when renotalkers mentioned him in their posts. I emailed Tim for quotation as below: Mitsubishi Starmex Inverter Sys 3 2 x 9,000 btu for 2 bedrooms1 x 18,000 btu for living roomCopper Pipe g221/2 armaflex insulationstainless steel bracketinstallation: most probably 2 trips ( new bto flat) please include warranty years for the above quotation. & this was his reply: Hi, Good day! thanks for enquiry! its $2999 with foc 2 trips install (outside need top up $80). upgrade of condo pipe as you mentioned but using g23. not need g22 its for aircon above 5hp. stainless steel bracket only $120 with installation. but usually bto not need this. Thanks, Tim Wong I missed his email and did not reply until he sent me another email mentioning there's an ongoing promotion for the month of October. Grabbed it~! But the aircon isn't Mitsubishi, it's the Panasonic EcoNavi. Free upgrade G22 and free two trips installation (Oct promos).Panasonic- 27,000 btu compressor Panasonic (System 3)-- $2,899 nett w/ new piping **E-ION/ Econavi/ Patrol Sensor/ While stock last** Panasonic Inverter System 3- CU-3S27MKZ/ CS-S9PKZW x 2 (9k btu x 2) + CS-S18PKZW x 1 (18k btu x 1) 1/2" Armaflex Insulation Included but limited stock. No hidden cost. Spoke to my husband about it and he agreed on the above promotion. (We really feel that it's a very good deal) and why I chose Panasonic is because of the Nano-e Technology (Purifying system). A cleaner living environment! #winliao . Read and heard good reviews about the air-con. So yes! Cold clean airrrrrr... me likey Thanks Tim Wong for the good deal =) Subsequently, met Tim and the Air-Con contractor for site survey, paid 50% on the same day and a week after installation!!! The day came for installation. The Air-Con installer's name is Scott! & we found out that he owns a company called Cold Engine! So rightfully, he's the BOSS!! & very nice of him ( i wasn't there to witness the 1st installation) but my ID was there and when I asked for Scott to whatsapp me pictures of the wire and insulation, HE DID! HOW NICEEEE!! 1st Installation: H = 1/2" (1/4") is the diameter of the internal hole in the insulation - which fits the 1/2"copper pipes. **You may refer to armaflex site; there's a table on this if you're unsure** First installation aftermath: CONCEAL UGLY TRUNKING!
  11. LET THERE BE LIGHTS ! A little peek on the lights we bought for our two rooms, kitchen, dining and living room. Top left is for our two rooms, middle light is for our walkway area, right side for our living room, bottom left for kitchen and the last one is for the dining area! You probably already guessed it but the theme of my lights are BULBS! Literally hahaha. I sought out lightings that expose the bulbs and just my luck, i found a light that looks like a single bulb for our dining. I don't think i have to mention where i got those? Total spent on the lights above : $240.00 (w shipping) I will share the remaining lights i bought for the the two bathrooms, service yard & bomb shelter. (from Singapore - Hock Eng Hin @ Tiong Bahru. Caged Lamps and Bunker lights) I also bought tracklights from my neighbour who had excess to add in my living room.. hehehe. If i were to include the rest of the lightings bought in Singapore total cost will be below $500
  12. Our Appliances & Electronics at a glance (From Left) 1st Row: Samsung WW70H5200EW Washer, Samsung 32L freezer, NEW Fujioh Hood SLM900R, Rinnai Hob RB-29FVSV(B) 2nd Row: Midea Tumble Dryer 6kg, Samsung Solo Type Oven ME731K 3rd Row: 707 Air Fryer, Panasonic System 3 (9k Btu x 2; 18k Btu x 1; 27k Btu compressor), Electorlux bagless Vacuum Mobi-Lite 4th Row: Joven JH 25HE, Stainless Steel Rubbish Bin, Obutto Ozone, Toshiba Android LED TV 55L5400 Pro Theatre (for living room), Samsung 46" Smart LED TV (gaming TV) 4th Row: Cornell Rice Cooker (up to 5 cups), Cornell cordless kettle, Phillips 3D BluRay 5.1 Home Theatre, Cornell Blender, Crizto Kitchen Faucet, Carysil Granite Sink Big Bowl in Nera All are paid in Cash. We don't own any credit card so I can't advise regarding payment with CC. From Jerome (a.k.a Zero @ Renotalk): Fujioh Hood, Rinnai Hob, Samsung Washer, Samsung Fridge He is the boss of an electrical shop @ Macpherson also called Kah Hock Repairer & Trading. You may contact him for best price as he gives very good deal. From Tim (also quite well known in Renotalk): Panasonic System 3 (9k Btu x 2; 18k Btu x 1; 27k Btu compressor) inclusive: G22 Copper Wire and 1/2" Armaflex Insulation From Hoe Kee: Stainless Steel Bin & Joven Storage Heater From Megatex Sale @ Expo: Air Fryer, all Cornell appliances, Samsung Oven, Electrolux Bagless Vacuum, Dryer & Home Theatre System. From Bathroom Warehouse: Carysil Sink & Crizto kitchen faucet From Audio House: Toshiba 55" LED TV Total Damage: $8893 :wacko:
  13. Renovation 3D Importantly, this is for us to visual how the flooring and the boxed up 'encaved wall' will look like after (as per post above) My kitchen flooring is as per pics on the post above, what's different in the aftermath is the colour of the cabinet =) and the lighting. but this is how it looks like .. roughly. This is the loft bed for our master bedroom! hahaha very unconventional but it's cause we'd like to maximize space plus, it's like our childhood dream of a room looks like. This is our first ever home, and we'd like it the way we envisioned it to be. The other room will be our guestroom therefore it will be left bare. I have no example of our wardrobe but it is going to be a pole system. Will post pics once it's up =)
  14. **Sorry for not updating - been busy looking for my missing cat** Still no idea where it is =( but i'm positive one day i will meet him again... anyway let me share my tiles with you. Choosing of Tiles 28 October 2014 We went to Hafary @ Balestier to choose tiles. Spent about an hour or so in the big showroom. The idea was for us to have cement screed flooring however after weighing the pros and cons, we decided to go against it. Due to the fact that it will potentially crack in the future without proper care. For kitchen and room, we were leaning towards vinyl flooring but I was reading about the fumes that it emit (apparently some even complained that the wood emits certain smell) so we decided to go with cement screed like tiles and 3D wood tiles (it looks and feels like wood but is tiles) for kitchen. Initially, the reno cost includes pebble-wash floor for toilets. I was having second thoughts while choosing the pebbles.. one of it was the stones coming off and..the vigorous cleaning we have to embark on.. (also the fact we wanted “raw” / “industrial” so why not just leave it as it is? Without question, I will never lean on overlaying toilet floors and walls. I remembered cases of wall tiles and floor tiles popping so I decided to wait 5 years, to hack the toilet wall tiles and toilet floor tiles..so till then, we will be leaving it as it is. & with the hanging budget from the pebble wash floors, I found my husband staring at a piece of 60x60 (a combi of 4x4 small tiles) tile that had prints on it. He’s eyes was gleaming (which meant he really like those tile) so we chose the tile as our floor border. Our floor tiles! (Hafary: Firenze Grafite -darker tile below) Our Kitchen tiles! (Hafary 3D wood tiles -the one w kitchen word *sorry I forgot model name; will find out and update) Our Border tiles! (Hafary Italian print tiles) A day after, our ID gave us the final quotation for our reno including electrical & haulage. Total cost: Below $25k (below for your ref) P.S: there are certain things I do not need like cove lights, feature wall etc..so I took it out and replace with another item ADDITIONAL IN QUOTE (AS PER MY REQUEST) 1 To top up 8ft kitchen cabinet @ kitchen 2 Supply & install 3 nos of Tandembox antaro i4 blum system @ tall unit area (Terra Black 30kg weight load) 3 Supply & install 3 way track aluminium sliding grilles & 3 way track sliding window c/w lock set @ service yard 4 Supply & overlay wood strips floor tiles (150x900) @ kitchen ($3.80 psf) 5 Supply & lay border designer floor tiles @ living, Dining & walkway area 6 Supply & contruct box up encave area @ living area c/w internal wood structure (as u can see from pix on above thread) 7 Supply & install solid classic door c/w door handle & lock c/w paint finish @ 2 bedrooms 8 Supply & install aluminium P.D doors c/w arcylic panel & lock set @ both bathrooms entrance 9 Supply & construct queen size loft bed c/w laminate finish, solid plywood & side stairway c/w storage @ master bedroom 10 Supply & install BA/NA aluminium frame clear glass shower screen fix panel @ both toilet (3ftx6ft) 11 Supply & plaster partial wall at kitchen c/w sealer 12 Supply & install top up solid surface top c/w 50mm front profile & 75mm back-splash @ kitchen cabinet (3ft) Electrical Works (Proposal electricals works subjected to changes base on site requirements) Conceal Point $ 120.00 4 x per unit Relocate Single Point $ 70.00 2 x per unit Relocate Double Point $ 80.00 2 x per unit Lighting Point $ 35.00 5 x per unit 15 AMP Hood/Oven Point $ 110.00 2 x per unit Will update again! Thanks for reading
  15. 6. Of Corrugated Paper, wall box up & electrical conduit (unable to show full flooring.. once done i will unveil =D That's it for now! Thanks for reading! Will update more soon! =D
  16. **Very long post** Hi All, I've been a silent reader (albeit not registered) of Renotalk t-Blog for the longest time (since 2010 - 2011), I have learnt so much and garnered so much inspiration for my 3rm BTO @ Tampines, that, I've decided to share with all of you my reno journey. I would like to apologise in advance if it seems boring, somewhat a repetitive of what you've probably seen before over the years active in this forum / somewhat similar to your reno journey and if I can't be much help. However, I do hope that my contribution will somewhat inspire someone just like how all of the t-blogs have inspired and helped me with my decisions. First up, this is our 3rm flat floorplan: We have gotten our keys in September, after a grueling 3 years wait hohohoho. But it was, to us, good timing as our wedding was in Jan 14’ and we had ample time to prepare prior to receiving the keys. Of course, ID / Contractor hunting wasn’t all that easy. Weeks after key collection, we have not made any decision to which ID / Contractor we were going to engage. It looked like we were somehow taking our own sweet time. DH decided that we both did not have the luxury of time if we were to engage contractors (he works shifts, while I was in the Oil&Gas shipping line **not anymore fr me**) therefore we agreed on engaging an ID. Truthfully, I have started ID hunting on my own 3 years prior to getting our keys. Looking at reviews, testimonials, the work they did, experience of homeowners in renotalk. Researched enough to know what I want and to know what to look for. I only started asking for Quotations late 2013. Of 5 quotations, we met only ONE (we didn’t go ahead with them). & Just about when I wanted to settle with D**s&T**s (meeting the ID and signing the contract), I stumbled upon what would be our ID right now. It’s important that DH feels comfortable with the ID and the price. Design Profession gave us Assurance, Competitive price & Friendship. Most importantly, they can deliver our wants towards the design. I didn’t want our house to be cluttered i.e: to put decorations just for the sake of putting them. DH & I are more towards practicality (cleaning time, dust problems etc etc) than aesthetic (ok maybe 50% aesthetic) so our house should be a balance of both. We wanted industrial theme but I would like for it to be towards being minimalist. Therefore, we embarked on our Minimalist industrial theme (no craftstone brickwall, no cement screeding flooring – due to fear of it cracking in the future and no unnecessary decorative wall etc). Our reno journey started in October 2014, spearheaded by our ID, Rae Foo from Design Profession. He has given us a lot of suggestions, kept up with my questions (I ask A LOT of qns) and is very efficient. In fact, we only go to our house for checks on weekends. The rest of the days, Rae will be there and will update me with pictures. Right now, the renovation has slowed down as we are waiting for our bedroom lights to arrive and for the painting to be done. ANYWAY! Pictures time!! (feel free to ask me any qns and I will be glad to answer them) P.S: I will update in sequence later on the type of floorings, lightings, appliances, painting, air-con & carpentry. For now, an update of our house thus far. =) 1. Before Overlaying of Kitchen Tiles 2. After Overlaying of Kitchen Tiles 3. Laying of living room